Meal Replacers for Optimal Weight Management

GNC’s Total Lean 25 powder is a scientifically formulated product which provides exactly the 200 kcal required, with 25gms of High-quality Whey Protein which contains all essential amino acids, 8 gms of Oats Fibre, which contains beta-glucan- a naturally occurring, powerful, low-glycemic soluble fibre found in oats bran that’s helps support normal, healthy blood glucose levels and thus helps you keep fuller for longer. It also contains 22 vitamins and minerals, the micronutrients you require.

When on a diet plan, the flavor can actually change the game! Perhaps a chocolate shake will save you when you’re craving dessert for dinner, or maybe a vanilla or cookie & cream milkshake for breakfast will keep you from giving in to that tempting plate of cookies on the reception desk at work.

Combining just two delicious shakes per day with a calorie-controlled meal and exercise plan, and you can be on your way to living a lean and healthier life.

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