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One thing you need to know about Protein

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Your muscles, bones, blood, skin, hair, nails, and brain cells all rely on protein. Protein is primarily used to build, maintain, and repair tissues.
In fact, the average human body is approximately 18%
It is the most abundant substance in our bodies, besides water!!
 This means, Without Protein – You Cannot Function
Where Do You Get Protein?
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GNC India
Complete Protein
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Provides all essential amino acids.
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Dairy,Whey Protein, Eggs, Chicken and Fish
Incomplete Protein
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May be missing one or two amino acids. You need to combine two plant proteins.
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Cereals, Pulses, Nuts and Oilseeds, Vegetables
Functions of Protein
  • Helps support strong, lean bodies
  • Involved in daily wear and tear
  • Proteins help regulate body processes
  • Builds and replenishes stronger muscles
  • Feel more satisfied, reduces your carb cravings
  • Provides fuel for the body’s energy needs
Find Your Daily Protein Intake:
Current weight _____*0.8gm/kg.b.wt = ______total grams of protein you need daily.
How to determine the quality of protein?
Protein quality is measured by the % of the protein that is retained for growth and maintenance. This is called Biological Value. The higher biological value means that on a gram-per-gram basis, the body is able to use more of the protein consumed.
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So, think, understand, and choose the right protein!
Invest in your health smartly!



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