The GNC Difference: Gender Specific Multivitamin

Both men and women require important vitamins, mineral, and multivitamin in their day to day life, but their requirement differs in terms of quantity and specific nutrients. Women may require certain nutrients which may not be the priority for Men.

For eg: Calcium is required by both the groups, but women need to store it till her menopause stage and thus it is important to include it in the supplement.

With the team of Ph.D. researchers, nutritionist and registered dieticians, GNC bring to you the gender-specific supplements helping to meet your specific requirements.

What is common between GNC Mega Men and Women’s Ultra Mega?

  1. More antioxidant power
    1. Antioxidants are nutrients designed to defend against unstable molecules in the body
    2. Known as free radicals, these molecules can damage, mutate or even destroy healthy cells
  2. MICRO-MINERAL CORE—designed for enhanced absorption of micro minerals
  3. Smaller pills to make them easier to swallow; new coating with no artificial sweeteners, better taste.
  4. GNC Mega Men® and Women’s Ultra Mega® multivitamins both use time-release technology, which provides a gradual release of essential vitamins and minerals after consumption. This allows the body to absorb more nutrients from each multivitamin caplet.
The GNC Difference: Gender Specific Multivitamin
The GNC Difference: Gender-Specific Multivitamin

What is the difference between GNC Mega Men and Women’s Ultra Mega?

Men and Women have different RDA to fulfill. The RDA is the guidelines set by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Full form of RDA includes Recommended Dietary Allowances. There are few ingredients which might be needed by men and not by women and vice versa.

GNC Mega men, along with fulfilling the vitamins and minerals need, it specifically has nutrients like:

  • Vitamin E: Supports Prostate Health and Antioxidant Protection. It is important to maintain normal prostate health. It is a small gland that is part of the male reproductive system.
  • L-Arginine: Helps to normalize blood vessel tone and sexual health in men.
  • L-Glutamine: Improves skeletal muscles and immune response.
  • Magnesium: Required for Energy Production, nerve and muscle function.

GNC Ultra Women is also prepared by customizing the product taking care of the women’s need:

  • Calcium: Required for bone strengthening. As the women ages, she suffers for post-menopausal symptoms and later menopause. During the menopausal stage, estrogen levels are almost negligible and hence our body cannot store enough calcium required by the bones and joints.
  • Iron: Required by women for building blood & transporting oxygen and cellular energy metabolism.
  • Biotin: Needed for healthy hair, skin and nail growth. Also, assist in normal protein metabolism.
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