The Ultimate story of Mr. Abdul Khan’s Journey with GNC Supplements

”I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”– Mohammad Ali

On 25th January 2019, I was very delighted to meet & interview Mr. Abdul Rauf Khan, one of our GNC patrons. He is known for never having used any banned substance while training, sadly – this isn’t something that many other Indian trainers can boast about. Abdul Rauf Khan, a boy from Dehradun loved living his life to the fullest.

My green tea, and I, both were all set to know his story and that’s how the wonderful conversation began! He started by sharing how big a foodie he was and would not think twice to enjoy the junk food. Living a stressful life, he never got time for himself to think about his dream.

The irony of his story was that he always dreamt of having a great physique. “Well, initially it was just to please the people around me, but later once I started my fitness journey – slowly and gradually – it became my passion.”

Abdul Rauf Khan
Abdul Rauf Khan

So, I asked him – Wasn’t it difficult for you to let go of your favorite food? How did you manage your stressful life? Well, the answer was a treat to my ears!

He said “Everyone knows Dehradun because of its beauty, but Dehradun was founded in the 18th century by a Sikh Guru called Guru Ram Rai.  And he was known for his bravery and determination. Dehradun was known earlier because of him!

So one fine day I decided to just keep all my excuses away and start living my dream and live up to my city’s name. So I started converting my love for food into my love for healthy foods. As I learned more about nutrition, my exercise regimen was supported with proper supplements.

Initially, it was very difficult for me to sustain even half an hour and it looked almost impossible for me. I just believed that it’s my only one life, and I have to make the most of it. It was pure will power, determination, discipline, and hard work.”

There are no shortcuts to reach that great physique and a great body from within!!

~ Abdul Khan.

Abdul Rauf Khan
Abdul Rauf Khan

“Every day was a challenge and every day I planned to quit, but there was one thing in my mind which kept me going – My Determination!

In this journey, I definitely supported my regime with dietary supplements, but with great care. I only took supplements that were free of any banned substance.

Use of Steroids for the great body was never my style!! ~ Abdul Khan.

My search for the quality supplements led me to discover GNC, an 80 years old brand that is trusted globally. I started my journey with GNC Whey Pro Performance and as my exercise regimen intensified, I moved to GNC AMP Whey Gold.”

Today after 2 years of dedication, Abdul’s each workout session lasts for 2 hours for 5 days a week. He makes sure to train each body part twice and dedicates one complete day to cardio ending the week with a rest day.

Abdul Khan’s Diet Plan:

Pre-workout: One Scoop of Beyond Raw Isopeptide

Intra workout: One scoop Beyond Raw Precision BCAA

Post workout: 6 eggs, 2 bananas and 1 scoop Beyond Raw Isopeptide.

Mid-Afternoon: Apple + Triple Strength Fish oil with CoQ10

Lunch: Boiled chicken/Fish, vegetable salad and green veggies + GNC Mega Men Sports

Mid-Evening: Peanuts & dry fruits

Dinner: Boiled Chicken/Boiled Fish, Steamed rice and green veggies.

Late Night: One scoop of Beyond Raw IsoCasein.

No smoking or drinking habits for better immunity, stamina, and focus during the workout.


Today Abdul Rauf Khan is not just someone who lived his dream and achieved the perfect body from outside and inside, but he is working as a trainer and helping others achieve their goal in the right way!!

Abdul Rauf Khan is following the above regime very strictly and in a disciplined manner.

The motto behind was to simply – Work hard and you will get results.

Don’t ever give up – The beginning is always the hardest, but the failure is unbearable!!

Just GO FOR IT!! If he can, then even you can!!

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