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What is the difference between Asian, American and Siberian Ginseng??

In today’s lifestyle, it becomes very important to find a way to improve our physical energy and endurance. Ginseng is the traditional herb used since centuries for its innumerable benefits. There are 11 varieties of ginseng of a short, slow-growing with fleshy roots. Apart from all the varieties, 3 types of varieties are scientifically studied and extensively used. Ginsengs are known adaptogens which helps to improve the overall health. An adaptogen refers to a substance which promotes adaptation by the body to all kinds of stressors whether physical, emotive or environmental.

  1. Asian Ginseng: Also known as Panax Ginseng. It is the most ancient herb used traditionally to enhance sperm motility. In traditional Chinese medicine, Asian ginseng was used as a tonic that was believed to replenish energy. Due to its adaptogenic benefits, it is used for various purposes, but the very well studied one is because of its active compound present in the roots of the Asian ginseng called Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides act similarly to testosterone Increased sperm production, sexual performance, and sexual activity are also possible.


  1. Siberian Ginseng: Also known as Eleuthero. The root of the Siberian Ginseng is traditionally used as an adaptogen. It functions very much similar like Asian Ginseng owing to the presence of a similar active compound called Ginsenosides. It balances and counterbalances the effect of stress and thus leads to improved sperm production. Research has proven that it also has an influence on female sex hormones.


  1. American Ginseng: Also known as Panax quinquefolius. Though only preliminary studies are conducted on this type of Ginseng, it is strongly believed that just like other ginseng – American Ginseng helps to relieve stress by giving that calming effect. It relaxes the brain and thus improves physical and mental performance. Hence, one of the best supplement for young, middle-aged and stressed people.

If you look at these herbs, they all cater to most of the functions and help your overall health. But, each individual has different requirements and hence GNC caters to all your needs with all three herbs and also brings to you Triple Ginseng which is a combination of all three ginseng along with stamina booster, which makes it a complete solution.



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