GNC Pro Performance Micronized L-Glutamine - 300gm (Unflavored) (Clearance Sale)

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Product Description

Description :

  • Supplementation may help maintain glutamine levels that have been depleted as a result of intense exercise
  • Pro Performance L-Glutamin is tested and certified Banned Substance Free.
  • It is gluten free, lactose free and mixes easily with your favorite beverage.

  • Benefits

    Benefits :

    Glutamine is involved in protein synthesis and plays a pivotal role in the body's nitrogen balance. Serves as fuel for the immune system and maintenance of proper intestinal function. Prolonged high-intensity exercise has been shown to decrease glutamine levels, which may result in glutamine deficiency.

    Why GNC :

    The unique RapidDrive Technology makes this supplement more advanced than regular glutamine supplements. The glutamine molecules have been pulverized, or ""micronized,"" from large molecules into smaller particules that deliver fast fuel for powerful performance and are easier for muscles to absorb. You can expect recovery support with this rapid source of intramuscular nitrogen. The result is a powerful anti-catabolic formula.

    Who should Consume

    Who should consume :

  • Athletes
  • Weight Lifters
  • Body Builders
  • To improves one's muscle mass and strength
  • How to Consume

    How to consume :

  • As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop (5 g) twice daily in a beverage or shake.
  • For maximum results, take one serving (5 g) post exercise.
  • When to consume :

  • Post workout
  • FAQs


    Can it be taken as Preworkout Formula?

    We would recommened to use it as a Postworkout Formula. Supplementation may help maintain glutamine levels that have been depleted as a result of intense exercise.It also provides recovery and anti catabolic effect.

    Should I increase the intake of glutamine as per my exercise?

    We would recommend you to follow the directions provided on the label. Also, do consult the healthcare professional before increasing the dosage.

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