GNC Probiotic Complex with 25 Billion CFUs - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

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What Is GNC Probiotic Complex 25?

GNC Probiotic Complex 25 is a vegetarian capsule which has been designed to provide daily replenishment of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. GNC Probiotic Complex 25 contains clinically studied multi-strain formula for daily probiotic support.


Who can consume GNC Probiotic Complex 25? 

Everybody should consume desirable amount of probiotics daily. Gut health is of the utmost importance and helps build up strong immune and digestive system which ultimately affects your other bodily functions. Even normal functioning of brain is dependent on gut environment. 

These bacteria’s can be taken through various food sources like curd, tempeh, kefir, khimchi etc, but very difficult to achieve the desirable level. This is because, our tiny bacteria’s are very sensitive in nature, and hence they tend to get destroyed before they could absorb due to various factors like heat, acidic environment etc. 

Hence, GNC Probiotic Complex 25 provides multiple strains of live, probiotic cultures. It guarantees potency throughout expiration date.


Do I Need Probiotics?

Human gut microbiota is a host to a variety of microorganisms. These microorganisms are responsible for many of the physiological processes and affect nutritional status, behavior and stress response of the host. 

Probiotics are useful and friendly microbes as they are capable of fighting against the bad microbes and colonize our digestive system. Apart from the role of probiotics in promoting health, they also remove the side effects of pathogens or harmful microbes. Thus they supply the body with useful by-products and reduce the stress. The presence of probiotics reduces the effect of the attack of harmful compounds and protects the digestive system. 


How & When to consume GNC Probiotic Complex 25?

As a dietary supplement, one needs to consume 1 capsule daily with food. Food reduces the acidic environment of the stomach and hence absorption and digestion of probiotics can get better during that time. The best time would be to take along with breakfast or lunch.


Benefits & Side Effects of GNC Probiotic Complex 25

GNC Probiotic Complex 25 with multiple strain of live probiotic culture, it can help provide immune and digestive support. Prebiotics present in the form of fructoligosaccharide acts as a food for probiotics and hence continuously keep providing energy to probiotics to survive and pass through all the constraints and get digested and absorbed peacefully in our body.

Commonly, consuming probiotics may make you feel bloated or any other stomach related issue, make sure to consult your healthcare professional before continuing the product. But, as you get adjusted with the dosage, these side effects will start disappearing.

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