GNC Pro Performance Complete Vegan Protein - 2.38 lbs, 1.08 kg (Natural Vanilla)

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Product Description

GNC PUREDGEル sets the new standard for quality, nature-based sports nutrition, without sacrificing delicious taste or the performance benefits you'd expect from the industry leader by providing powerful compounds and clinically studied ingredients. Each product is certified banned substance free, contains no unhealthy artificial additives, and features a powerful Functional Flavor System that utilizes active flavoring ingredients to go beyond delicious taste and deliver additional healthy functional benefits. These innovative products give you a strong and wholesome foundation for personal improvement in any fitness pursuit.


  • 20g Protein & 10g Aminos from 5 Plant-Based Sources with No Soy, Gluten or Dairy.
  • Build & Repair Lean Muscle.
  • 6000mg Glutamine for Exercise Recovery.
  • 1 Full Serving of Veggies + Chia, Flax & 5g Fiber to Support Satiety & Healthy Digestion.

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