GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil Mini - 750 mg Fish Oil with 450 mg of highly absorbable EPA/DHA Omega-3s - 240 Enteric Coated Mini Softgels

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Product Description

  • Growing research on benefits of omega-3 fatty acids has led to the development of fish oil supplements.
  • It is difficult to get the recommended dose of EPA+DHA (forms of omega-3 fatty acids) from the natural sources.
  • Hence, a supplement forms the bridge between the requirement and deficiencies.
  • ICMR recommends to have minimum 250 to 2g of EPA+DHA daily.
  • Each serving of GNC Fish Oils will provide 750mg of Fish Oil, out of which 450mg comes from EPA and DHA.
  • Enteric coated to help control fishy burps - guaranteed.
  • Free of mercury, lead, heavy metals and PCBs.
  • From wild, deep ocean fish.


  • DHA is known to support your normal brain and eye health.
  • EPA, on the other hand can protect your heart, skin and joint from inflammatory response.
  • Thus, overall this supplement can support your eye, heart, brain,skin and joint health.

Who should Consume

  • Ideal for all age groups looking for optimal health of their hear.
  • Ideal for those who has dry eyes problems, EPA and DHA supports eye health.
  • Ideal for people who wish to reduce inflammation of the joints/ to support joint health.
  • Ideal for elderly people.
  • Ideal for sports athlete people.

How to Consume

  • As a dietary supplement, take one softgel capsule twice daily with food.

When to Consume

  • Anytime of the day with food.


What are Omega-3s?

Omega-3s are essential to good health but the body cannot make them on its own. There are different types of Omega-3s which must obtained through diet or supplements. Most common are EPA, DHA, and ALA.

What are the benefits of EPA and DHA?

EPA is the superior Omega-3 for heart health, mood support and inflammation support. Important for the circulatory system, helps supports normal healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. DHA is required for eye and brain development and function and skin health.Essential for expecting and new mothers for fetal and newborn eye and brain development.

What is Coenzyme Q10?

CoQ10 is involved in the process that produces cellular energy.A combination of CoQ10 and carnitine supports healthy heart and blood vessel function.CoQ10 helps support a healthy cardiovascular system.A primary function of CoQ10 is to assist in electron transfer in the mitochondrial energy (or cellular ATP) production process.

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