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Get Healthy
From the
Inside Out
Multivitamin, Omega 3 & Probiotics
for healthy hair & skin
Your hair & skin tell a story about your health. Wouldn't it be
great if they took care of themselves?
One of the reasons for weak hair & dull skin is lack of sleep &
nutrition. Eating the right types of foods is a great strategy for
taking care of yourself.
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How do I make most of my workouts?
Omega 3 has EPA & DHA which play a vital role protecting our skin from harmful UV & other skin allergies. Fatty acids support a healthy inflammatory response which in turn rejuvenates the skin & nourishes hair follicles.
Vitamins & Minerals are required for cell growth & replenishment. Multivitamins supports skin elasticity by building collagen, smoothening wrinkles & also encouraging healthy hair growth.
Probiotics create a healthy gut so that less toxicity is absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps absorb more macro & micro nutrients from our daily food for cleaner skin, speedy hair growth & stronger nails.
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