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Only Vegetarians Lack Vitamin D – Let’s debunk few common FAQs

We have read, listened and understood about vitamin D deficiency especially in vegetarians.

The high prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency is a particularly important public health issue because hypovitaminosis D is an independent risk factor for total mortality in the general population.

Before you end up with a conclusion that dietary supplements are the only way out to get enough vitamin D, let’s understand in detail common FAQs

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which helps maintain calcium levels in the body and thus keeping our bones strong and healthy. The natural form of Vitamin D3 and UVB light from the sun strikes the skin, and humans synthesize vitamin D3 in the most “natural” form.

What are the functions and sources of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D benefits and sources. Useful infographic with lots of elements ??? molecular structure, banners, medical icons. Vector illustration in bright colors isolated on a light beige background.

Is Vitamin D is required by all or only Vegetarians?

Well, it’s clear from the sources, vegetarians options are next to negligible and sunlight is something which we all lack to enjoy. But, due to a processing of the ingredients and other external factors, the vitamin D concentration reduces and thus absorption is very minimal. Hence, it is an important mineral required by one and all.

What are the risk factors for Low Serum Vitamin D levels

  1. Inadequate Sun Exposure
  2. Low Vitamin D Intake
    1. High latitude location
    2. No or low vitamin D supplements
  • Low Vitamin D diet without fortified foods
  1. Lactose Intolerance
  2. Bring Vegetarians/Vegans

Is dietary supplement the only way to get Vitamin D?

Deficiency needs to be resolved as early as possible or the side effects of low Vitamin D can be much harmful and lead to detrimental effects. Understand the concentrations of Vitamin D in each serving before you buy any supplement. Buy Vitamin D supplement which is in its active form – Cholecalciferol (VitaminD3), this was its absorption would be much better.

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