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Heritage Of Quality

Since 1935, quality has always been GNC’s top priority–for products our customers can trust.

Products Designed By Nutrition Experts

To best meet the needs of each of our customers, our products are designed by qualified nutrition and scientist’s team.

Truth In Labeling

If it’s in our products, it’s on our labels. GNC follows FDA requirements for allergen labeling & discloses all potential allergens & ensures the potency of our ingredients until time of expiration

Unique Multi-Pronged Formulation Step

Based upon biochemical & physiological markers of health, our scientists chose the right potencies of ingredients to help customers get the best results.

Scientifically Proven Products

Specific GNC products have been clinically-studied to prove that our products provide the results customers

Exceptional Customer Service

It is important for us to help customers with their query and concerns. We also have dedicated team of qualified nutritionist to help treat your health in a great manner.

GNC Rewards

GNC Rewards.

Refer the GNC products to your friends & families and get a chance of earning 5% GNC Cash with every referral !

  • Your friend will receive 5% discount on their first order.
  • You will get 5% as GNC CASHBACK.

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