• The Best GNC Supplements for Weight Loss

    The Best GNC Supplements for Weight Loss

    Did you know? The prevalence of overweight will be more than double among Indian adults aged 20–69 years between 2010 and 2040, while the prevalence of obesity will triple.  (Luhar S, 2020) Why is Weight Management a Challenge? Eating a well-balanced diet can be difficult because Our brain rewards us with pleasure chemicals that are released when we eat. Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles...
  • Preventive Care Is More Than A Trend

    Preventive Care Is More Than A Trend

    Prevention is better than cure. Plus, it’s cheaper. A healthy future depends on preventing future illnesses and complications from existing conditions. Whether it’s a vaccine that prevents measles or a supplement that reduces the risk of heart disease; the value is evident. With time, we have truly realized that humans cannot survive solely on nutrients obtained from food. There has been a shift in...
  • Healthy Meal Ideas for Kids

    Healthy Meal Ideas for Kids

    One of the major concerns for any parent is that their kids aren’t eating healthy meals. Kids often shy away from eating fruits and vegetables and like more of junk food. But junk food can be bad for their health. There is nothing like the goodness of a healthy and balanced diet. If your kid is also a fussy eater, here are some recipes...
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