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Here’s what you can do to have beautiful hair this summer

Here’s what you can do to have beautiful hair this summer - GNC India

We tend to have a love-hate relationship with our hair. Some days we love the way it makes us look and feel, but ‘bad hair days’ are what nightmares are made of. Well, you cannot completely avoid those days, especially in the summer. What you can do is minimize them by taking care of your mane so that it is healthy, strong and gorgeous!

These tips will make your summer hair care easy and effective :

    • Drink lots of water: It is essential for your hair, skin, and overall health. Adding fruits to your daily diet will also give you multivitamins that make your hair healthy and shiny.
    • Take a vitamin supplement: Your hair needs nutrients. Among others, biotin, from the vitamin B family, is essential for hair growth and renewal. You can add eggs, almonds, mushrooms, spinach, etc., in your diet to ensure adequate intake of biotin. But no matter how well-balanced your diet is, sometimes, it is just not enough to provide your hair with the nutrition it needs. If your diet cannot provide the same, you may suffer from hair loss and dull, weak locks. Ask your dermatologist to prescribe a suitable vitamin supplement for healthy and shiny hair.
    • Avoid hot showers: With temperatures already soaring, give your tresses a break. Shower with lukewarm or cold water. It will keep the frizz under control and give you shiny hair.
    • Oil your hair: It not only boosts blood circulation and hair growth but also nourishes and acts as a conditioner. Using coconut oil two hours before shampooing will work wonders and maintain hair health.
    • Shampoo gently: Your hair is at its weakest when wet. Shampoo lightly using just your fingertips in a small circular motion. Don’t use your palm as you will end up breaking a lot of those precious strands. You can use a specially formulated Biotin shampoo from GNC, which helps maintain healthy hair, strengthens the hair shaft to give volume and luster to hair, etc.
    • Let it dry naturally: Skip the hair dryer. It will anyway dry quickly in the summer. Use a wide-tooth comb and let it air dry as much as possible. Irons, straighteners, and curlers are a big no-no; use them only if absolutely necessary.
    • Don’t shampoo every day: This will rob your hair of essential oils and make it dry. Shampooing three times a week is a good idea. Co-wash also does the job while conditioning your hair. Co-wash is essentially applying conditioner to wet hair and rinse off in a few minutes.
    • Rinse off the conditioner: As much as the conditioner is essential to boost hair health, a build-up does the exact opposite. Use only an appropriate amount of conditioner and ensure you rinse it off completely.
    • Do deep conditioning: The sun makes your hair brittle and susceptible to breakage. To nourish your hair, opt for deep conditioning masks. Ask your stylist for added protein serum as well.

You can beat the summer to have lustrous locks. All you need is little extra care!

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