Struggling to Lose Weight? Try Speeding up Your Metabolism

Struggling to Lose Weight? Try Speeding up Your Metabolism - GNC India

Have you ever heard people blame their slow metabolism for their excess body fat and wondered if that is actually the reason? Well, the truth is while slow metabolism hardly causes weight gain, high metabolism can help you burn more calories. Basically, metabolism refers to the chemical reactions in your body that convert food into fuel for the functioning of the body. The higher the metabolism, the more calories you burn (metabolic rate); thus, it gets easier for you to shed those extra kilos. While we are all born with a certain metabolic rate, here’s 4 effective ways in which you can rev up your metabolism to help meet your weight loss goals faster.

Eat Enough Protein

As protein is hard to digest, your body burns extra calories for the process of breaking it down; thus revving up your metabolic rate by 15-30%. Eating protein with every meal also makes you feel fuller, which helps you consume fewer calories in a day. If you don’t have time to plan your meals keeping their nutritional content in mind, protein supplements such as GNC Lean Shake Fat Burn Powder can help supercharge your metabolism for fast, energizing results.

Do a High-Intensity Workout

The next time you head for your cardio or workout session, ramp up its efficiency with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This method of exercise involves short, intense workouts followed by periods of recovery that help you burn more calories; thereby increasing your metabolic rate for hours, even after you’re done exercising. Add some high-intensity workouts in your fitness regime, at least twice a week, to boost your metabolism and stimulate fat loss.

How to boost up metabolism to lose fat quickly

Get your Omega-3s

Besides regular exercising, adding fish to your diet can do wonders to amp up your metabolism as the omega-3 fatty acids in them can increase the activity of fat burning enzymes in your body. It can also help balance your blood sugar and reduce inflammation; thereby increasing your metabolism. An easy way to include omega-3s in your daily diet is through nutritional supplements such as GNC Fish Body Oil or GNC Flax Seed Oil, which is plant-based and perfect for you if you’re a vegan.

Spice it Up

This may come as a surprise to you but adding green chili and peppers to your food can boost your metabolism. These spices contain capsaicin, which is known to temporarily increase your metabolic rate and help you lose all that extra fat faster. According to studies, eating food with a recommended amount of spice can help burn 10 additional calories per meal. However, eating spicy food alone is not enough; combine it with foods or supplements containing iron or vitamins for best results.

All you need to know is the secret to losing fat lies in what you eat and when you eat it. Do not fall into the maze of diets and starve yourself – it will only worsen your metabolism. Have a healthy breakfast, eat frequently, get quality sleep, load up on water and stay active.

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