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Which Vitamin is Good for Hair?

Which Vitamin is Good for Hair? - GNC India

Just like a crown on our head depicts power and strength, the beautiful crest of thick hair depicts confidence in us! I am sure, many of you will agree with me. Hair indeed is an important part of our looks, in fact, one of the major components.

Most of us struggle to figure out the best way to keep our hair healthy and lustrous. Unless we are genetically blessed, believe me, the struggle is real!

It is a long way to figure out the right nutrients, dietary supplements, products, or even shampoos or conditioners. But, what you really need to hunt is the right blend of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen each of your hair follicle from inside out.

Let’s discuss 4 major vitamins important for your hair growth in this article:


The first and foremost nutrient for your hair’s health is Biotin. Biotin or Vitamin B7 functions for hair by breaking down the protein called keratin into active amino acids and thus helps improve hair growth and reduces hair flaking. Regular consumption of biotin supplements can help improve the strength and elasticity of the thickest layer of the hair shaft called the cortex. Biotin may also reverse the damages caused by hair styling and straightening.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can help in the production of sebum. Sebum can prevent our scalp from getting dry and keeps it moisturized. Vitamin A also fortifies the hair follicles and thus improves hair growth. Vitamin A deficiency can be one of the reasons for hair loss. Rich sources of Vitamin A include carrots, bell peppers, eggs, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin, etc.

Vitamin E

“Badam ka tel”, haven’t you also been fantasized about this term? Well, the actual reason behind fortifying almond oil to your normal oil is Vitamin E. Being a strong antioxidant; it can prevent oxidative stress to the body. It also circulates oxygen to the scalp and provides moisture avoiding the hair shaft from getting dry and thus strengthens the hair follicles.

Vitamin C

Mr. C is now very famous for immunity, but secretly it is also improving the health of our hair. Vitamin C is required for the production of collagen, one of the major components of the hair structure. This collagen then increases the antioxidant production and helps fight free radicals. Vitamin C also helps absorb iron, an essential nutrient for hair growth.

All these nutrients play an important role in improving your hair growth. GNC presents a multivitamin called GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Formula, which is a special nutritional formula scientifically designed to promote beauty from the inside out. Regular consumption can help provide all the required nutrients and support healthy hair, skin, and nails. Get in touch with our qualified team of nutritionists and allow us to help you choose the best supplement for your hair.

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