Bikramjeet Singh: India's First Classic Physique

Bikramjeet Singh: India's First Classic Physique

The role of a good and experienced coach is indispensable in sports and behind the success of an athlete. This notion also stands true in the case of bodybuilding. Like sports, a professional coach is adept at guiding fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts in all critical aspects of their training, including diet, workout programs, and nutritional guidance.

While several coaches are willing to share their experience with the bodybuilding community, picking one who understands the process and has significant on-field expertise is essential. One such name who outshines most in this field is Bikramjeet Singh.

Biki Singh is a renowned fitness trainer and bodybuilding coach, and India's first classic physique titleholder. There is a lot to learn from the journey of these experienced health and fitness enthusiasts and implement it into one's daily practice.

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Bikramjeet Singh, popularly known as Biki Singh, is a pro bodybuilder and India's first classic physique. His journey is a testament to his dedication and hard work, as he has participated in multiple NPC and emerged as a winner in his weight class division at Syracuse in 2015, bagging seven titles. He is an IFBB Pro and a known personal trainer based in New Hyde Park, New York. IFBB Pro Biki Singh hails from Miani, Punjab, and pursued education at reputed institutions such as News Network and St. Paul's School.

Bikramjeet Singh's unwavering commitment to his passion for fitness has not only earned him the respect of many but also influenced the fitness community. His professionalism and hard work have gained him the admiration of several reputed names, including well-known personal trainers and fitness coaches like Jillian Michaels.