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Benefits of strength training for older women

Benefits of strength training for older women - GNC India

Having a fit and healthy lifestyle is a choice and we should all strive to make this choice. With age your body changes and so do its requirements, be it in terms of nutrition or workouts. If you also believe that a sweaty cardio session is the best form of workout, then it is time to rethink. There is nothing like a good session of strength training, especially for older women.

Let’s start by understanding what is strength training? Strength training is also popularly known as resistance training. It strengthens your muscles to maintain joint stabilization and often times requires weights. These days people also do strength training with different kinds of resistance bands.
Read on to find some of the main benefits of strength training for older women.

1. Strength training helps maintain muscle mass
Cardio is great to get the heart pumping. But if you want to build or maintain muscle mass, then you need to include strength training in your routine. In strength training or resistance training, you would be lifting weights which gives muscles the signal to adjust and become stronger.

2. It makes your joints stronger
One of the most common problems that elderly people complain of is joint pain. If you do the right kind of strength training which is low impact, it will only build on your muscle strength and have less stress on your joints. Exercises like lunges and squats etc. help trick your muscles into functional everyday patterns. So, while you are building muscle strength, your body thinks it is like everyday tasks that you are doing.

3. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
Women are at a greater risk of low bone density and osteoporosis. Various research shows that women above the age of 50 and post-menopausal women should definitely consider including some kind of strength training at least twice a week in their fitness routine. It will help combat weakened bones, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Supports muscle cell growth
When you train, you are applying pressure on your muscles and bones in the targeted area and giving them an indication that they need to be stronger. On doing strength training in the right way on a regular basis will activate cellular growth in muscles and bones in the area. It will also help to maintain muscle strength and overall vitality.

5. Helps with weight loss and weight management
If you are a woman above the age of 50 years and are struggling with weight loss or weight management then adding resistance training to your routine will be beneficial. Doing exercises with resistance bands or lifting weight will help burn more calories and stored energy in your body. As discussed above, it is also a great way to build lean muscles. So you can shed off extra kilos and look lean with well toned muscles all at the same time with resistance training.

6. Improves your heart health
Heart health is a major area of concern for elderly people. You might be doing a lot to keep your heart healthy – eating healthy, doing cardio sessions, and reducing stress. But pause and ask yourself – is it enough? You can get in touch with a professional trainer to help you get started with strength training especially to support your cardiovascular health. Fitness experts say that for women above the age of 50 years, there should be a balance between cardio sessions and resistance training. It reduces the risk of heart problems like heart attack and stroke.

In addition to the right kind of workout routine, you can support your heart health with multivitamins and omega 3 supplements. Consult your doctor to know which multivitamin is best for your heart health.

7. Elevates your mood and mental health
When talking about the benefits of strength training for your health, we cannot miss your mental health. It is as important as your physical health and you shouldn’t ignore taking care of it. When you lift weights or complete a rep with resistance bands, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel good and powerful about yourself. You could try pilates, as it works really well for senior women. Various studies have shown that older women who regularly do resistance training are less prone to depression and the symptoms are also reduced for betterment.

If you have extreme joint pain or inflammation, seek medical advice and do not randomly start doing any form of resistance training. Consult a trainer to know which strength training exercises will be suitable for you. There are chances that your doctor might recommend some multivitamins or joint support omega 3 supplements to improve your joint health.

The one thing you need to be careful about is the type of training you do. Make sure you do any kind of strength training under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Importance of nutrition for older women
When you do strength training or any other workout of your choice, it is essential to provide your body the nutrition it needs. Eat a diet rich in protein and full of fruits and vegetables to support your strength training. A lot of times it might get challenging to get all the essential nutrients just from your daily diet. That’s where the goodness of multivitamins steps in. You can choose from a wide variety of GNC multivitamins based on your health status and individual fitness needs to support your overall wellness.

GNC supplements to support senior women’s strength training
GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil and GNC Women’s 50 plus are two amazing supplements that you can include in your routine. GNC Omega 3 supplements are known for their potency and purity. They have various benefits especially for elderly like – reduce joint pain and inflammation, beneficial for cardiovascular health, supports normal vision and prevents dry eyes, and supports brain function and cognition. Multivitamins are also an essential part of wellness routine. If you are a senior woman, then you should definitely consult your doctor to know the benefits of multivitamins and which GNC women’s multivitamin is best suited for you.

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