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10 Quick Healthy Eating Tips While Working from Home during Lockdown!

10 Quick Healthy Eating Tips While Working from Home during Lockdown! - GNC India

10 Quick Healthy Eating Tips While Working from Home during Lockdown!

For many of us, this is the time to look back and focus on our health and on our diet. We may have been following many kinds of FAD diets like keto diet, intermittent fasting, Atkins diet etc…But, as a qualified nutritionist, I believe that a simple healthy balanced diet can do wonders for our health.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdown was a need of an hour. Social distancing or staying at home is essential right now to help “Flatten the Curve” and protecting India from the irrepressible spread of the deadly virus.

The reality has struck very hard and we are facing challenges in managing our daily routine, office work, their kids and our workout regime. Thus practicing a healthy balanced diet every day can become a bit challenging. Keeping your nutrition at check can be tough when you are working from the office. Imagine, you are trying all the means to control your hunger pangs, but suddenly in between your conference call, someone picks up a packet of chips, next thing you know you are eating a bag of chips or cookies.

In this article, I will focus on giving you all 10 Tips for Eating Healthy When You’re Working from Home

Do not work near your kitchen

Try to set up your work station away from the kitchen, this will help you to avoid overindulging of the foods.

Prepare the breakfast and lunch in advance

Working at home may make us a bit lazy and we may skip getting up on our usual time. Let’s not follow that as it may harm your daily routine and your health in the long run. Get up at the usual time and utilize your travel time to cook meals for yourself and your family. For instance: Wake up at 7:am and if you’re traveling period is 1 hour, then head straight to the kitchen and start preparing the meals. This way, you need not waste much of your time during your working hours.

Plan your snack and meal times

Plan your meals just like you plan you’re getting up, bath, etc. Divide your time into working hours, break time for your meals. You need to treat your meal timings just the way you would do when in your office. Set your lunch and snack time, the way you feel is right for you and follow that regularly.

Keep a bottle of water near your work station

Usually, we have a bottle filled up with water at our work station. In the same way, fill up your bottle of water before you start working, and keep sipping the way you do during your working hours. Make sure to finish 1-litre bottle before your lunchtime and 1 litre post your lunch till the end of your working hours. If you do not follow, you may face dehydration. And that can lead to headaches and fatigue, which are both not good for your productivity.

Be careful of too much of caffeine

Coffee and work always go hand in hand, don’t they!! Well, but an excess of coffee or caffeine is known to cause headaches, anxiety, digestive issues or even fatigue. Try to consume no more than 2 cups of coffee per day to avoid that jittery feeling – prefer more black coffee or coffee without sugar.

 Add superfood in your diet

Include anti-virals in your kitchen! Each of these anti-virals has an active compound, which can help improve your immunity levels.

  • Ginger: Rich in Gingerol
  • Tulsi: Rich in Eugenol
  • Turmeric: Rich in Curcumin
  • Lemongrass: Rich in Triterpenoids

Add a few pieces of each of the ingredients in the water, boil it in water for a few seconds, let it remain for a while, and you can drink this concoction at regular intervals. A great immunity booster and would also keep you active throughout the day.

Focus on Balanced Nutritious Meal

Balanced and Nutritious meals can always help improve or productivity at work. Right from the breakfast we have, it helps keep us feeling fuller for longer. Plan your meals ahead of time, understand your meal or tea or any concoction exact time. This will help you to avoid munching on whatever you look tasty or quick solution at the moment. You can focus on good quality protein, healthy fats, fruits or vegetables.

Don’t buy junk food

Do not keep ordering or buying junk foods like chips, biscuits, frozen foods etc. This will avoid stocking you your fridge or snack boxes with unnecessary things. Because, ultimately this can lead to overconsumption of sugar, salt, and fat. Try keeping them out of your sight and out of your mind.

Restrain yourself from ordering outside food

Handling your work and the household chores may be cumbersome. Especially there may be days when you may extremely be tired to cook a meal for yourself or your family. Retrain yourself from ordering food from outside, this may affect your immunity and probably increase unknown chances of getting contaminated with the deadly virus. Instead, try some quick handy recipes which can help provide you the nutrition you need. Or you can also try GNC Lean shake 25, a meal replacer which can replace one meal a day and keep you fuller for longer.

Try including fibre in your diet

Dietary Fibre will help you keep fuller for longer and save you from binging on junk food. Good sources of barley, oats, whole grains, fruits like apples, pear, guavas. The more and unprocessed the food, the higher the fibre content.

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