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7 effective steps to lose weight before the wedding season!

7 effective steps to lose weight before the wedding season! - GNC India

Bride or Groom to be?? Everything from wearing a saree or sherwani depends on how you look into it!

Our journey towards a perfect wedding begins just a few months before the wedding season, but don’t you think; it’s better to have these as a long-lasting goal rather than the shorter one’s!

You may be a bit flabby or overweight, but you can certainly achieve your dream weight by sheer determination and patience.

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Let’s try to understand some quick and effective steps to get you in proper shape:

  • Stay Hydrated

Your busy schedule often compromises the seemingly unimportant water requirement. But staying hydrated is also the key to weight loss. Keep a 1-liter bottle with you all the times and keep sipping consistently and try to cover a minimum 2 – 3 liters a day.

  • Sleep well

Excitement, Nervousness, and stress can affect your sleep. Let not that happen. An undisturbed 8 hours of sleep is essential to keep yourself healthy. Take a hot, relaxing shower before bed and avoid taking caffeine in the evening to get peaceful, blissful sleep. Try taking melatonin supplements for that specific period if you suffering from sleep problems.

  • Track food

A very effective way to keep a check on what you eat during this time is to keep a food journal. Track your food so that you know how much calories you are consuming and how much you need to exercise. Make some changes in your meal plan by adding fiber-rich snacks, healthy vegetable juices or protein bars. You can also start your diet plan if you have enough time. Consult your dietitian before starting any meal plan. In any case, don’t skip meals to squeeze into your dress.

  • Limit alcohol

Not controlling your alcohol consumption is one way to wipe out all your hard work on weight control. Even if you enjoy alcohol or get carried away when drinking at social events, make it a point to not do so. If possible, cut back on alcohol completely.

  • Stay active

It is safe to assume that you will be moving around a lot for your wedding preparations. That does not equate to you being active in a healthy way. You may be making all the necessary appointments and feel a sense of completion of work – while sitting in front of the computer all the while! You need to be active in a way that you are constantly moving throughout the day and burning up calories while not getting bogged down by your responsibilities. Make phone calls while walking around the room. Set appointments in a park instead of a restaurant.

  • Get your dose of Probiotics:

 All that shopping and functions might take a toll on your tummy or gut health. A diet high in processed foods and added sugars can decrease the number of good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. Include probiotic supplement which consists of multiple strains and a prebiotic. Prebiotic acts as a food for probiotics to strive better in the acidic environment.

  • Support your weight loss journey with supplements:

If I say the word ‘weight-loss’ to you, you may think of it as a tedious uphill climb. Impossible journey, impossible goals, impossible diet charts- overall impossible. And weight loss supplements- well they have a particularly bad reputation, don’t they? And frankly when it comes to synthetic blends of useless minerals that do nothing more than help you shed some water weight for a few short-lived weeks- well they deserve the bad press!

But there are some vitamins, minerals and nutrient concentrations found in nature that, when taken along with a healthy diet and workout regimen, have the ability to truly rev up your metabolism. GNC brings to you one such supplement called Slimvance, using cutting edge technology, the herbs in Slimvance® are concentrated in a precise manner to retain powerful active constituents and blended into a proprietary formula.

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