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Banish 9 bad habits these 9 days of Navratri

Banish 9 bad habits these 9 days of Navratri - GNC India

The occasion of Navratri is a perfect opportunity for people to take the pledge to banish one bad habit every day. Just a small change in one habit can have an enormous impact on your life and may eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle.

For these nine days of Navratri, here is a list of nine bad habits that we can attempt to conquer!
Let’s eliminate our “inner Ravana” together!

Daily Excuses to Not Exercise: Banishing the habit of daily excuses not to exercise would be the first. The main reasons people don’t exercise include busy schedules and not seeing results. If you are just starting out, any exercise will be challenging. However, your body will get stronger as you continue to exercise. Whey protein can help you break your bad habit of not exercising. Because studies have shown that exercise training coupled with increased whey protein intake is associated with enhanced weight loss and body composition for overweight and obese individuals. So, more the reason to not skip your exercise.

Daily Skipping Breakfast: We need to stop skipping breakfast, one of the most common bad habits, as early as possible. From time to time, it can happen, but if you do it consistently, it can negatively impact your health and cause nutritional deficiencies. A healthy meal replacement shake can be a convenient way to get a complete meal while on the go.

Frequent consumption of Fast Foods: Considering that junk food and eating out have become a way of life for most Indian households, we decided to list it as a 3rd Bad Habit that needs to be addressed! Especially during festive times, we often binge eat. This can have a negative impact on your liver. Foods high in carbohydrates, refined sugar, and fat can contribute to liver disease, particularly non-alcoholic fatty liver disease! Invest in herbal ingredients to bolster your liver! Various studies have shown that milk thistle’s silymarin and a combination of ingredients reduce inflammation and improve liver function. It may ease the symptoms of liver diseases such as jaundice, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and fatty liver.

Not sleeping for 8 hours: Today’s digital world has us all watch too much TV or stay up late to party. Sometimes sleeping late is ok but sleeping late every day can harm your health. In case work or stress is causing you to sleep less, use melatonin. Sleep-wake cycles are synchronized with night and day by the hormone melatonin. Consequently, it promotes a consistent, quality rest by facilitating a transition to sleep.

Not getting a regular health check-up: How many of you reading this article have gone for a regular health check-up? We’re fine with waiting for the coffee, but we can’t spare time for a simple blood test. Banish this habit of not getting a health check-up at a regular interval. Because your cholesterol may be high merely due to vitamin deficiencies. GNC multivitamin and help you achieve those vitamins and help meet your recommended daily intake.

Practicing Poor Posture: Poor posture is a habit you should avoid. Your muscles, ligaments, and joints need to be aligned properly to avoid unnecessary strain on your knees. Keep your back straight and avoid slouching to prevent knee pain. Take the support of GNC Triflex or GNC Calcium Plus to help keep your bones healthy and strong.

Overdose of chemical beauty products:
Stop using chemical products to get smooth skin and silky hair. Make sure you check your vitamin levels instead. Eating well-balanced meals that promote good health is a sure-fire way to continue a robust life that includes a head of hair with vitality. In case you do not get enough nutrients through your diet, supplements can increase low levels and promote hair and skin health.

Working out on an empty stomach: Exercise before eating will result in “bonking” – the term sports refers to feeling lethargic or light-headed caused by low blood sugar levels. Thus, we should eat at least a protein shake or BCAA before working out.

Following Quick Fix for Weight Loss: Various weight loss plans compete for your attention. There are many different diets available nowadays such as the FAD diet, the IF diet, the Keto Diet, and so on. How does it go once you have lost a couple of pounds? Eventually, you’ll gain the weight back and be nutritionally weak. Losing weight slowly and effectively is the best way to lose weight. Good and balanced food choices, exercise, and the right supplements (a combination of meal replacement and thermogenic supplements) are very important.

Unfollow these 9 bad habits this Navratri and start living a healthy, wholesome life. Your organs will thank you!

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