Essential nutrition tips for men and women

Essential nutrition tips for men and women - GNC India

Essential nutrition tips for men and women

Have you ever wondered why a nutrition plan that works for your friend doesn’t work for you? It’s because each individual is different and our basic nutritional needs differ from each other. It becomes all the more different for men and women. While the basic nutrition needs still stand the same for everyone, here’s a look at how you can take care of your nutrition needs specifically.
Men and women are 98.5% identical in their DNA. Thus there must be some differences that men and women need to follow in their nutrition plan. On an average, men need more calories than women to function. A person’s calorie intake must depend on their age, amount of physical activity they do and their BMI (Body Mass Index). On an average, a moderately active 125-pound woman needs 2000 calories a day while a 175-pound guy with similar exercise pattern needs 2800 calories. While a healthy, balanced diet is key to overall good mental and physical health, one should customize their calorie intake accordingly.

Women are more prone to osteoporosis in future. Men can also suffer from the same, however, their chances of developing it later in life is lesser. Thus in terms of nutrition, women must take special care of their calcium intake to keep track of their bone health. They can also go for calcium supplements if they feel that their calcium intake is less than what is necessary for their system.

On an average women also need more iron than men because they tend to lose iron with each menstrual period. Men, on the other hand needs just 8mg of iron a day compared to the 18gm a woman needs. Men should try and avoid excess iron because it can lead to harmful deposits in various organs. Red meat is the richest dietary source of iron and men should try and keep its consumption at a minimum.

When it comes to an overall nutrition. Both men and women must keep in mind that taking simple, small steps will work more than any dramatic changes. Simple things like not overeating, moderating your calorie consumption and including nutrient rich foods like vegetables, whole grains and proteins will work more for you in the long run. You can also take care of your nutrition by boosting it up and filling in the gaps with the right supplements.

Another thing you can keep in mind, whatever your gender may be, is that snacking is not bad as long as you are snacking on something healthy and nutritious. Instead of that bag of chips or cookies, you can go for a few almonds or some vegetable sticks. Your goal should be to eat healthy and snack healthy because at the end of the day, nothing can replace a daily healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.

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