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Expert Recommendations to Restart Your Fitness Journey

Expert Recommendations to Restart Your Fitness Journey - GNC India

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. The sooner we accept this, the better. Getting back into that lifestyle after a hiatus often seems like a daunting task. But we’re here to remind and reassure you that it doesn’t have to be. There are a few guidelines that might ease your transition back into that killer routine!

1. Re-start Slow
It is likely that recovery from COVID-19 was the reason for your hiatus. In which case, it’s important that you restart slowly. Returning to normalcy post-recovery is a gradual process, so you need to be patient and also kind to yourself. Don’t underestimate the intensity of lingering post-COVID symptoms like exhaustion, breathlessness, or muscle pain.

Pay attention to your body. Start slow with light cardio like walking, jogging, skipping or yoga. Let your body acclimate to an active lifestyle. Low-intensity workouts for 10 minutes would be ideal during the first week. You can keep increasing the intensity and duration gradually over time. Setting realistic goals is key.

We’d recommend that you start with our GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced – which will help enhance the speed of digestion and absorption of protein. This will lead to more consistent progress.

2. Rest And Recover
Rest and recovery are crucial aspects of fitness and its impact. Irrespective of whether you have experienced COVID-19 or not, if you are resuming your workouts after a gap, you have to give your body enough time to rest.

A supplement like our GNC AMP Gold Series BCAA Advanced will help in improving your recovery time and your immunity levels. It will help you build better muscle strength and help prevent muscle soreness and fatigue.

3. Have Fun
Having fun is crucial when you’re trying to get back into the world of fitness. Challenge and surprise yourself with different kinds of workouts. Bored with working out at home every day? Try a dance workout for a change! Keep your kit updated, so you’re excited to get dressed for your workout. We recommend the GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced Gym Kit. With all your gear sorted, you are ready to load up on endorphins and get back on track like the boss you are.

Restarting your fitness journey is like riding a bike. So be smart about how you choose to return to glory. Start slow and you will bounce back into action, stronger than ever.

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