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How to be safe while stepping out of the house during COVID-19

How to be safe while stepping out of the house during COVID-19 - GNC India

It’s been more than 3 months coronavirus hit our nation. We have faced such rare incidents which probably be always remembered as a history that changed the way of our living.

Since now, there is no more a lockdown, more care one should take for himself and his family. Those lockdown days were preparing us for the exam of getting back to our normal life.

Yes, we all are now gearing up with our normal life, but the question is it really normal or as we always hear “a new normal”

Well, if the virus is here to stay, then even we are!! Let’s not stop ourselves, because it is rightly said that the show must go on!!

But our all favorite accessories should always be there with you…listing them few here..

  • Always wear a mask and dispose of the mask after 1 to 2 use. Wear the mask for the entire day till you reach your home.
  • Carry the sanitizer with you and keep sanitizing every time u come in contact with any item.
  • Keep a safe distance from your colleagues or friends or while traveling.
  • Do not eat outside food. Avoid it totally.
  • Once you reach home, make sure you put the clothes for wash and go for the bath immediately with minimal contact with any items or people.
  • Do not forget to take those tiny pearls of immunity. Yes, your supplements. Research has confirmed the benefits of single vitamins like vitamin c, vitamin d, and b complex vitamins in fighting against coronavirus. You can also choose a multivitamin that can provide all these nutrients in a single tablet.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Sleep for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours daily.
  • Consume good quality protein. You can carry your own smoothie or whey protein shake to the office or meal replacement.
  • Continue your physical activity. Exercising for 150 minutes a week can help improve your immunity.

Let’s be positive to LIVE WELL and let’s adopt it as a part of our lifestyle,  let’s guard our warriors and win this battle against the invisible creature

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