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Impact of Modern Diet on Human Health

Impact of Modern Diet on Human Health - GNC India

Impact of Modern Diet on Human Health

What do you usually do when you’re feeling hungry? Grab a pack of chips? Gulp down a can of soda? Rush to your favorite burger joint and treat yourself to a hearty meal? If your answer to any, or all, of these questions, is a “Yes”, then you are among the millions who have fallen victim to the modern diet.

Impact of Modern Diet on Human Health

What’s wrong with Our Modern Diet?

Looking back a few decades, you’ll realize that since then our lifestyle has evolved so much so that we put very little thought nowadays, on whether or not what we eat is healthy. High-calorie junk foods, pumped with chemical additives, over-processed, or loaded with sugar, have replaced locally grown, fresh produce in today’s time. Unfortunately, these unhealthy eating habits have posed several threats to your health.

This recent shift towards the consumption of processed foods, sweetened drinks, vegetable oils and other unhealthy alternatives is the primary reason why people across the world, even the young, are getting fatter and sicker by the day. Serious ailments, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more, have seen a profound rise over the years, and the modern diet continues to serve as both the culprit and the catalyst.

According to recent studies, the total sugar intake of people has skyrocketed over the millennium. Of all the sugar sources in the modern diet, soda, fruit juices, and other sweetened drinks are the worst and directly linked to increased calorie intake that causes obesity, especially among children. In fact, research conducted in 2017 reveals that India has the second highest number of obese children in the world. One in five Indian men and women are overweight or obese, as per another study.

Another major reason behind the increased in calorie intake over the years is the availability of more and more processed foods at our grocery stores. No better than the food you eat away from home, these processed foods are just as likely to make you obese or even, diabetic. Diabetes is also a major consequence of replacing traditional fats like butter and coconut oil with vegetable oils. Contrary to popular belief, these Omega-6 rich oils actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Clearly, our unhealthy diet and eating habits, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, is the major cause of obesity and other serious health challenges like diabetes, heart disease, infertility, and even cancer. However, it is possible to prevent obesity and related health problems by making healthier choices – exercising daily and following a healthy eating plan. What you eat determines how you feel.

Nutritionists and medical professionals have emphasized enough on the need to eat a wide variety of foods rich in foundation nutrients, which include multivitamins, probiotics, Omega-3s, and protein. A balanced diet containing these four nutrients in right quantities can establish a baseline for good health. While you can fulfill your nutrient quota with fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, etc., the use of supplements is just as effective and more convenient in these frantic times.

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