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Increase your Vitamin D intake to lose weight

Increase your Vitamin D intake to lose weight - GNC India

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, which means your body cannot make on its own. You need to source it from your diet or dietary supplements. Sun is the utmost reliable source of Vitamin D, we all know that.

The body can synthesize Vitamin D  with the help of sunlight from a precursor that the body makes from cholesterol.

Fortified milk and dairy products and certain types of fish (such as salmon, tuna and mackerel) are among the best sources of vitamin D apart from the Sun. Small amounts are also found in beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

It not only helps to strengthen our bones and immunity but also supports your weight loss journey.

Increase your Vitamin D intake to lose weight

Did you know? Vitamin D deficiency may be the reason for your rigid weight around your belly

Many times, it is very difficult to lose weight even when you are doing everything right. This is the time to check your vitamin D levels.

What is the link between vitamin D and weight loss?

The link between obesity and vitamin D deficiency is yet being studied. But, a lot of studies have already confirmed that obese individuals are deficient of vitamin D and vice versa. Let‘s understand the science behind it.

Brazilian scientists in their review article found out that Vitamin D deficiency was 35% higher in obese individuals and 24% higher in overweight individuals.

In another study, the scientists randomly selected obese and overweight women and gave one group the placebo and other Vitamin D supplement with the strength of 1000 IU. The subjects who consumed the Vitamin D supplement daily showed a significant reduction in body fat mass.

Fast Facts: We all know fortified milk is a great source of vitamin D, but did you know you need to drink 8 glasses to get the 1000 IU a day that experts recommend?

How to increase vitamin D intake 

From the above studies, the link between vitamin D intake and weight loss is very clear. There is no harm to include vitamin D in your diet. Let’s understand how:

  • Go for the morning walks:

    Sun is the major source of Vitamin morning walks to absorb mineral to the maximum. Get up early in the morning and go for a walk. This will keep you healthy and fit.

  • Include Vitamin D rich food:

    Vitamin D rich sources include egg yolk, cod liver oil, salmon, milk and milk product.

  • Include Vitamin D supplement:

    Along with the food sources, try including vitamin D supplements to ensure you the better absorption. Consult your doctor for good vitamin D supplements.

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