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Love your Life post 60 with these healthy lifestyle tips

Love your Life post 60 with these healthy lifestyle tips - GNC India

Every stage of life needs a different state of care and sensitivity to your Healthy lifestyle.

As children, we depend on our parents, as adults, we follow diet regimes and exercise schedules and as senior citizens again our care and routine change to reflect our needs. There are, unfortunately, are not aware of these changes and requirements and continues to follow the same routine. This makes them suffer immeasurably.

How can you tackle this problem?

  • Make them aware
  • Gather knowledge and insights
  • Take appropriate action

Through this article, we endeavor to take you through all three stages and help you understand healthy lifestyle tips for senior citizens.

Here are a few things you should act upon:

  • Be Physically Active: Post your retirement, you are little clueless on the day to day activities. Don’t let your boredom or pain in your joints make you just sit like a lazy bag. This time is the best time to do what you like. Take up a hobby, like a rigorous or something peaceful. Gardening is a major go-to for older people while traveling is a huge favorite for many people post-retirement.
  • Quit Smoking: It’s high time you quit smoking! Your organs have suffered a lot and can lead to cancer and strokes which could both be fatal. Smoking is also one of the reasons for accelerated skin aging.
  • Follow Proper Diet: As you age, your diet also changes or ages. Your digestive system slows down with age, and hence it is important to include high fiber vegetables and fruits. The right amount of nutritious food which suits your system is the key to a healthy life. In fact, many illnesses that befall people in their old age can be managed through a proper and regular diet.
  • Stock up Multivitamins: When you getting old, you face a lot of problems such as bone health, hormonal imbalance, high on sodium – this happens due to different needs and declining rate of absorption of vitamins and minerals. Try taking GNC multivitamin which is designed specifically for men and women above the age of 50. There would no need to take many other vitamin supplements, just one will do.
  • Exercise

Exercise has always been an important part of our life. One has to remain active despite their age and health. While your body may not allow for strenuous activity, a little bit of movement and physical activity is a must – take a brisk walk, do yoga or cycle on a steady bike… whatever appeals to you.

  • Be social

You never got much time to catch up with your friends, why don’t you make the most your time. Meet your friends and have a great time remembering those good old days. These memories tend to release happy hormones and alleviate your mood.

  • Always Eat on Time: Earlier, your work may not be allowing having food on time, regularity in your meal and being conscious of the timing of intake and gap between food and sleep will lead to ease indigestion, better sleep and a feeling of freshness.
  • Follow Regular Medical Check-ups: It is important to keep doing medical check-ups at a regular interval. Apart from a normal blood test, keep checking your prostate for men and mammography for women. Visit your doctor to understand your test results and take preventive care where possible.
  • Travel Often: You missed on most of your vacations, well – grab them all now! Plan 2 trips a year – one small and another long one. Enjoy these amazing moments.
  • Keep Smiling: Well, buster to any stress would be a broad smile every day. Be happy and make everyone around you happy.

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