• This World Heart Day: Take a Road to Healthy Heart

    This World Heart Day: Take a Road to Healthy Heart

    We are all living in unprecedented times. We are not sure what course the pandemic will take in the future but we do know that taking care of our hearts right now is more important than ever. Did you know? Currently, heart diseases are responsible for 1 in 4 deaths in India Heart disease has many causes including smoking, unhealthy eating habits, no physical...
  • Flaxseeds and Heart Health

    Flaxseeds and Heart Health

    Flaxseed is one of the oldest crops, having been cultivated since the beginning of civilization. The Latin name of the flaxseed is Linum usitatissimum, which means “very useful”. Every time, when we google flaxseeds, we end up getting results for flaxseeds and linseeds. Well, both are different. Flaxseeds term is used to describe the flax when consumed as food by humans, whereas linseed is...
  • A Healthy Heart spells a Healthy Life

    A Healthy Heart spells a Healthy Life

    Heart diseases are the primary cause of death in India and around the world. Almost a quarter of all deaths in the country are due to heart disorders. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study of 2016, nearly 1.7 million Indians died that year because of heart disorders. This is alarming and needs awareness like most of the heart disorders can be controlled by following...
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