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What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga for Women?

What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga for Women? - GNC India
What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga for Women? Well, Man is just as responsible for his own ill health as for his ill actions. People who ignore their bodies are committing a crime against themselves. And, this especially happens in the case of women, who spend their time in taking care of the family needs, and in the process, they do not realize the extent to which they are neglecting themselves.
The first and most sacred duty, therefore of a woman consists in taking care of her own body. It is said that the strong receive their strength as easily as the weak get their weakness!
And what better way than the practice of Yoga for today’s women to face the strain of modern living?
Women can take up yoga at any age of life and without being in top physical condition. It is a relaxing experience and carries with it an overall sense of well-being. The psychological benefits of Yoga are as marked as the physical
changes. For many busy women, the hour they spend practicing yoga is exclusively their time, a break from the demands of being a career woman, wife, and mother. Because Yoga is not as exhausting as other forms of exercise, women can easily continue their routine work after a yoga session without being fatigued. Yoga, an ancient science, can help women cope with health issues and help them develop a peaceful state of their body and mind. Asanas reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve coordination.


Yoga poses are also designed to tone and exercise the muscles of the body, to eliminate excess fat and make it more flexible and stronger. Every Yoga pose has a lot of effects on the cardiac, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive and digestive systems of the body. The effect on all these systems means freedom from disease, increased efficiency, joyful living, and spiritual elevation.


The practice of Yoga helps the young teen girls face the major changes their body undergoes at this time. The practice of pranayama will keep the girl calm all the time. Asanas will help her develop a regular and healthy menstrual cycle. Once the teenager is a young adult, yoga will help optimize productivity. A regular yoga routine will lighten the anxiety and depression common at “that time of the month.” Also, by strengthening the abdominal muscles, yoga has been found to decrease painful cramping. Yoga helps to relieve the lower back pain common in women before menstruation. However, do not do any strenuous practice during this period. Do the postures gently and under the proper guidance of a teacher.
This is the time to slow down and give more time to meditation and relaxation. Listen to your body and practice accordingly. Having a generally relaxed mind and body can also help in alleviating the menstrual pain. Changes in lifestyle and diet will also help in dealing with PMS. A healthy yoga diet can also help by supplying the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to counteract the symptoms of
PMS, and will aid in improving irritability, fluid retention, joint aches, breast tenderness, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.
During pregnancy, mild yoga exercises help the mother to stay fit without placing too much strain on the baby. Yoga keeps the heart strong and the blood pressure in control and if the expectant mother is concerned about her impending delivery, yoga will help her to manage that anxiety more effectively. Learning breathing techniques will help during labour also. However specific types of asanas for pregnant women should be carefully
For many women at midlife and beyond, yoga and menopause relief go hand in hand. Yoga offers a primary form of menopause medicine that can help them adjust to hormonal changes and cope with a wide range of symptoms –
including hot flashes, night sweats, heavy bleeding, mood swings, and fatigue — without negative side effects. Breathing techniques have a balancing effect on the body by harmonizing the endocrine system. It’s important to bear in mind that all menopausal symptoms are related. Using Yoga to ease the unpleasant effect of one symptom generally leads to better health in the rest of the body.
As we see, Yoga helps a woman at any stage of her life. So, what are we waiting for? Grab a mat, find a teacher and start the practice before it is too late. Gift yourself an hour of Yoga daily this International Women’s Day
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