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What is creatine and how does it work?

What is creatine and how does it work? - GNC India

If you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or go to the gym regularly, then you must have heard people talking about creatine supplements. Do you wonder what is creatine and how does it work for your body? Then, we are here to give you all the details.

A lot of people have started including creatine supplements in their fitness routine. But we advise that you should first understand what is creatine, its benefits, and side effects, and then consider including it in your routine. If your fitness goal is to build muscle mass while improve your strength and stamina at the same time, then you should include GNC creatine supplements in your fitness routine.

What is creatine and how does it work?
Creatine monohydrate is a substance that’s naturally found in the human body and is usually stored in your muscles. It helps the muscles to produce more energy and keeps them hydrated as well. It is a common myth that creatine supplements should only be used when you want to bulk up. They are great for improving strength and building stamina. Creatine supplements are known to increase the water content in your muscles. This is popularly known as cell volumization. It is ideal for professional athletes, bodybuilders, and weight lifters. It is also good for fitness enthusiasts who want to build their stamina and improve their exercise performance. You can either have it as a pre workout supplement or a post workout drink. Ask your trainer to know which of these will suit you the best.

You can get creatine through natural foods like – red meat and fish. But when you do intense workouts, the creatine levels in the body start receding and they cannot be replenished just by your daily diet. That’s why it is important to include premium quality GNC creatine supplements in your routine.
There are various kinds of creatine supplements available. You might find it difficult to choose the best one. It is recommended that you consult your doctor and trainer to know which of GNC creatine supplements would work best for your fitness goals and needs.

Creatine benefits
Creatine can be a beneficial supplement for you. Here are some of the main benefits –
• Accelerates muscle growth process
• Is great for post workout recovery
• Reduces fatigue and tiredness
• Aids in gaining lean muscle mass
• Improves athletic performance, strength, and stamina
• Reduce muscle breakdown and cramping after intense workouts
• Improves brain function
• May lower blood sugar levels and reduce symptoms of diabetes

A lot of times fatigue and tiredness can prove to be a hindrance for you to accomplish your fitness goals. But when you include premium quality GNC creatine supplements in your routine, you can reduce fatigue and push through your workouts to get massive gains.

Best GNC creatine supplements
There are various GNC supplements enriched with the goodness of creatine that you can include in your fitness routine.

1. GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate
GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate is one of the best creatine supplements available in India. It would be a great addition to your fitness routine for muscular energy, to boost stamina and power, and improve athletic performance. For best results you can have it in conjugation with extra calories and have an optimal workout schedule to build muscle mass. It is available as an unflavored powder, so you can easily add it to smoothies and pancake or oatmeal recipes and get all the goodness of creatine monohydrate.

The main benefits of creatine monohydrate for the body are – it keeps cells hydrated, creatine is converted into creatine phosphate which acts as the perfect fuel for skeletal muscles, keeps energy levels up throughout the day especially to push you through intense workout sessions, and it builds stamina and improves athletic performance.

Each serving provides 3 g of creatine monohydrate. You can either have it as a pre or post workout supplement. Add 3 g of GNC creatine to 200 ml water or any other beverage of your choice and make a smooth shake.

You can also check out other GNC creatine supplements like –
– GNC AMP Gold Series Intensity N.O
– GNC Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Creatine HCL
– GNC AMP Creatine HCL 189 tablets

Make sure you take creatine supplements in a combination with a nutritious diet and optimum workout routine. You can also talk to your trainer to know if you can have creatine supplements in conjugation with whey protein or mass gainer supplement. Also remember the supplement will not show magical results. You need to be consistent in taking the supplement and dedicated with your workout to see best results.

Creatine side effects
Now that you have understood what is creatine and what are its benefits, let’s move on to another important aspect – creatine monohydrate side effects. Some of the most common side effects include –
• Vomiting
• Constipation, diarrhea, or bloating
• Dehydration
• Muscle cramps
• Unwanted weight gain
• Headache

Stop taking creatine supplements and consult your doctor if you think any of these symptoms persist. Make sure to have enough water during the day to reduce the risk of dehydration when consuming creatine monohydrate supplements. Read the dosage instructions on each pack of GNC creatine supplements carefully. Do not consume excess amount as it may trigger allergic reactions.

For pregnant women, lactating mothers, and those with a chronic medical condition, it is advised to stay away from creatine supplements, unless especially recommended by their doctor. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to any surgery.

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