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5 Bad Food Habits to Banish This Dussehra

5 Bad Food Habits to Banish This Dussehra - GNC India

Dussehra celebration is the symbol of the victory of good over evil. Lord Rama had defeated 10 – headed Ravana who had kept Goddess Sita in his hostage. On this auspicious day, even in today’s age – people build big figures of Ravana and burn them depicting Lord Rama’s victory. It is also believed that this way you kill the evil residing inside you.

On a holy day like Dussehra, let’s understand to cut down on 5 evil or unhealthy food habits that might affect your health.

1. Not drinking enough water
Our body is made up of 70% of water. This makes water an important tool in keeping the skin nourished, maintaining heart rate and blood pressure. By keeping our body hydrated, our heart is able to pump blood through the vessels and to the muscles smoothly. It also helps keep you energized, active and healthy.

2. Skipping Breakfast
Got Late! Let me skip my breakfast!’ Isn’t this our daily routine? Or do you think skipping breakfast can help you shed weight faster? This is the biggest mistake you make every day. Breakfast literally means break the fast. Among all, breakfast provides you the energy required to kick start your day, helps you burn fat, keeps blood sugar normal throughout the day, helps to fight daytime cravings, lower incidents of heart disease, keeps our brains sharp and helps improve concentration and productivity.

3. Following Quick Fix for Weight Loss
There are lots of weight-loss diets wrestling for your attention. FAD diet, IF diet, Keto Diet and so on, many would have shown the result to you to attend a friend’s wedding or so. But what happens after the past few days? It will definitely result in weight regain and lead to nutritional deficiencies. There is no shortcut for weight loss, give your body time to lose weight slowly and effectively. It is very important to have a combination of good and balanced food choices and exercise and correct supplements.

4. Not Having Control over your Portion
It is always important to rightly judge your food portion to avoid gorging and regretting later. Another type of eating which we need to control would be emotional eating. We tend to look for delicious food to lower down our stress levels. During your stress period, delicious food can act as a silver lining to all the miseries in your life. But, that would not at all be a sustainable diet strategy. The feel-good factor may be great at that time, but you may end up inviting a few extra pounds than required. In such cases, start by selecting a combination of junk and fresh foods and take up any of your favorite hobbies to reduce your stress levels. Include probiotics in your diet which will help you improve your gut health.

5.Midnight Snacking
During the night time, your body’s metabolism is at the slowest. The rate at which the food is digested and absorbed is very slow as compared to the day time. And so, if you are a person who consumes lots of processed food which are high in salt, sugar or fat, then you bound to add fat and weight to your body. It is advisable to keep a gap of 2 to 3 hours between your last meal of the day and bedtime.


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