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6 Very Simple Ways to Kick-Start 2021

6 Very Simple Ways to Kick-Start 2021 - GNC India
“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

On any special day – be it your birthday, your anniversary, or a start of a new year – we usually tend to make a resolution to better ourselves! A lot of us make a resolution for a regular exercise regime, to lose weight, or to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Here are 6 very simple ways to kick-start your year with:

Let go of negative things
Don’t look back, you are not going that way”, the most beneficial thing to do for yourself would be to show empathy and gratitude towards other people. Research has proved that counting blessings has shown positive results in reducing your stress levels, depression, and slows down the effects of aging.

An hour of physical exercise
Let's commit ourselves to work for a minimum of 1 hour every day. Maintaining a healthy weight is more important than trying to lose weight or going for Yo-Yo weight. The very important thing is to find the time and set that routine. You can go for 30 minutes’ walk in the morning and 30 minutes later or 1 hour of cardio or 1 hour of yoga or join a dance class. Any physical exercise releases good hormones and keeps your mood elevated.

Health Benefits of Exercise

Aaj Se Thoda Salt, Shakkar Kam
Try to cut down on your sugar and salt intake. If you having 5 tsp of sugar a day, cut down to 4 followed by 3 and so. Similarly, follow the pattern to control your salt intake. Slowly and gradually, your palate will get used to it and you will enjoy the flavors. Keep a tab of how much sugar and salt you buy in a month for your family and from there, count servings per family member.

Go Nuts
Add a serving of two nuts to your daily breakfast; it can be of your choice. Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, or pistachio – rotate the nuts every month and enjoy their delicious taste and health. It’s a myth – nuts add on to fat; in fact, it provides you a good amount of fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Nuts Health Benefits

Focus on Belly Fat
After years of researching effective natural Indian botanicals, GNC developed Slimvance‘s patented blend featuring star ingredients- Turmeric, Moringa, and Curry Leaves- was developed. But what’s most powerful about it is its combination of ingredients, in a scientifically proven concentration and ratio for weight loss. And unlike other weight loss supplements, it is clinically proven to work even on Visceral fat. Having a lean belly is the key to protecting yourself from metabolic diseases, and a healthier, longer life. And good look too of course. So we say- chase it! Go after a lean belly with a vengeance! You won’t regret it.

Keep Smiling
Start your morning with a long stretch and a beautiful smile. A new study suggests that holding a smile on one’s face during periods of stress may help the heart. This happens, because when you smile – feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are all released which helps relieve stress and control heart rate.

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