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7 reasons you are not losing weight

7 reasons you are not losing weight - GNC India

Losing those extra pounds is certainly not an easy task. It requires extra efforts, a proper diet, an exercise routine, and strong willpower. However, sometimes despite checking all the boxes, you may notice that your weight refuses to budge.

You must be checking various websites on How to Lose Weight or Weight Loss Tips, but do you ever realize Why are you not losing that weight?

The answer is probably right in front of you and you are simply not seeing it. But, don’t worry, you are not alone. This article will give you a clear picture as to what is amiss.

  • Are you taking enough protein?

Eating protein boosts your metabolism and reduces those frequent hunger pangs. It makes you feel fuller for longer and will make you consume less food. Try to include high protein breakfast to make you feel full, energetic and less hungry. Protein also prevents slow metabolism.

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  • Not getting enough sleep?

Did you know? Poor sleep is one of the culprits that makes you obese. Good sleep can have a very good effect on your waistline. Inadequate sleep affects the hormones and also alters the hunger hormones.

  • Are you drinking enough water?

Drinking water helps you lose weight and you are probably not drinking enough. Drinking water before your meals is thoroughly beneficial as it prevents overeating.

  • Are you keeping a track of it?

Keeping an eye on your diet is an essential step when it comes to weight loss. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a food journal, which keeps a track of what you eat in a day. There are several free apps available to help you with the same. You are probably consuming too many calories even without realizing it.

  • You’re probably gaining muscles?

Our body weight keeps fluctuating, and it all comes down to the food we eat and how much water our body holds on to. Also, another possibility is that you are probably gaining muscle at the same time as you lose that fat, which is incredibly common if you have recently started working out. So, next time you start stressing, just don’t.

  • Have you opted for a healthy diet?

‘You are what you eat’, therefore, apart from the quantity, it is also important to look at the quality. Hence, you must opt for healthier options as they will not only improve your health but will also regulate your appetite. When you start consuming ‘whole foods’, they tend to be more filling and help you in your weight loss journey.

Have you tried weight loss supplements?

You must be thinking, all these weight loss supplements are a myth and a marketing gimmick. But, that’s not true for all the supplements. Check the supplement facts and claims before you buy the product. Go for herbal products and check whether it is clinically studied!! Clinical study proves that the supplement was effective and completely safe to use.

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