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Become BFF with your vital organs this Friendship Day

Become BFF with your vital organs this Friendship Day - GNC India

When we think of improving our health, we always consider reducing our weight. Physical appearance is what many times and to many of us, it matters. We tend to forget what is happening below the surface unless something goes wrong.

It is our organs which keeps us alive. Like a car requires an engine to run, our body requires organs to help function efficiently.  We all are aware that a nutritious diet and physical activity are necessary for good health. Make a lifestyle change to become BFF with your vital organs alongside achieve your health goals too.

Become BFF with your vital organs this Friendship Day

Let’s find out together, how we can accomplish this:

Brain: Plays a very important in the overall functioning of your body. Your brain got superpowers to instruct your organs how to behave and when to behave in a certain way.

Did you know? Your body tells your brain that your stomach is empty. This makes your stomach growl and gives you hunger pangs.

It’s seen in the studies, your brain capacity can decline with age. To improve memory power, get 6 – 8 hours of sleep every day to help improve your brain work efficiently. Being properly hydrated is also vital. Without adequate hydration, the brain becomes less efficient.

Omega-3 fatty acids help boost your brain function, they are commonly found in chia seeds, flaxseeds, fatty fishes like sardines, mackerels, salmon, etc.

Heart: Your weight, your belly fat and your overall cholesterol levels have an effect on your heart health. Fiber can help to control all of the above problems to help your heart function effectively. We need a minimum of

25 grams of dietary fiber every day from our diet to enjoy the benefits of dietary fiber. Fiber-rich foods include oats, whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Liver:  Liver is the powerhouse of your nutrients, which can help in purifying your blood, producing bile and storing energy. Consuming a lot of fatty foods and being overweight can lead to non-alcoholic liver disease. And excess amount of alcohol can lead to alcoholic fatty liver disease. Nutrients like milk thistle and glutathione can help boost your liver functions.

Skin: Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It acts as a cover sheet for your muscles and organs. Keep it healthy by consuming lots of vitamin C and vitamin A-rich foods like bright-colored vegetables and fruits. Enjoy the colorful fruits and vegetables.


Gut Health: Your gut health acts like your second brain which means if your gut/digestive system is upset, you might not be able to function properly. Bacterial cells present in your gut outnumber the cells of your body. These bacteria are friendly to us, keep our digestive system intact and improve our immunity. Two important nutrients for healthy gut would be probiotics and its food fiber or prebiotics.  Natural source of probiotics includes yogurt, kefir, miso and prebiotics/fiber from onions, garlic, etc. If you’re on an antibiotic treatment, you might want to take probiotics supplements with prebiotics in it to help improve the competence of the supplement.

Kidney: Kidneys play a very important role in removing waste from our body. This way it helps maintains body water balance, controls salt levels and thus regulates the blood pressure.

High blood pressure and diabetes are two common reasons for causing kidney diseases. Follow the simple lifestyle to avoid these two complications for a healthier kidney.

  • Quit smoking
  • Be physically active
  • Control on your alcohol intake
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Make healthy food choices

Our organs do a lot for us; it’s about time we do something for them. Become great friends and treat them with healthier food choices.

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