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Can I take fish oil supplements for my skin

Can I take fish oil supplements for my skin - GNC India

Yes, we should eat well to look beautiful, to live well. If you drink enough water – your skin will glow; if you consume the wrong food, you end up with acne and other skin problems.

Thus, it is very important to take care of the food to lead a healthy life and wonderful skin. We all want our skin to look perfect, blemish-free, and glowing. Don’t we try a lot of products and beauty supplements to keep looking perfect and not let our biological age affect our skin age!!

But you know what! I completely agree with the saying “You are what you eat! And if you also agree with me, don’t you think we should start eating well and include specific nutrients which can help glow our skin.

Along with consuming a good amount of fruits and vegetables daily, it is important to also supplement your daily diet with fatty fishes or fish oil supplements.

“The mirror of your health is your skin.”
– Anonymous

Fish oil supplements for my skin

You will find lots of brands selling fish oil supplement, but not all fish oil supplements are created equal, it is important to understand the active ingredients of the fish oil. EPA and DHA are the two most important active ingredients which are responsible for all the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are linked to the oil’s heart-healthy benefits, joint, hair, and skin health benefits too. Always have a habit of checking the label before buying any fish oil supplement to understand the content of EPA and DHA, each serving should be able to provide a minimum of 250mg of EPA + DHA.

How can fish oil supplements help you to get glowing skin?

EPA and DHA are the essential fatty acids, as our body at any given point cannot make it. These fatty acids have been shown to work on all types of skin. Once taken, these fatty acids are incorporated into the cell membranes in the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and form a protective web around the layer. This function helps to protect your skin from becoming dry and keeps it glowing.

Fish oil supplements for my skin

Apart from the outer layer, if taken every day – the fish oil (EPA and DHA) also penetrates slowly deep inside the skin and prevents skin inflammation.

The science clearly reveals that EPA and DHA are the best dietary fats one can consume to protect the skin from aging. A 2005 study found that EPA can block the release of enzymes caused by sun damage, boosting collagen and helping prevent lines and sagging skin.

Many of us face acne during our teen years, well that’s the correct time to start consuming fish oil supplements. Omega-3 fatty acid regulates the oil production and this way it works for both oily and dry skin. A 2014 study found out that the fish oil supplement taken regularly for 10 weeks helped reduce acne lesions in people struggling with acne. The people who took another oil supplement – one that didn’t have the omega-3s in fish – didn’t get the same benefits.

It is surprising to know that the link between omega-3 fatty acids and acne was explored as early as the 1960s, where they found out that those teenagers who ate more seafood showed less acne than those who consumed less seafood.

Last but not least, omega-3 fatty acids also help to regulate the hormonal balance. It can also help lower androgen levels which may be one of the reasons for the hormonal acne.

Buying fish oil supplements can be a little tricky, the purification of the fish oil should matter above all the factors. Next, check for the EPA + DHA content in each serving. The third most important point to check would be if the capsules are enteric-coated. Enteric Coating refers to a special coating applied to a product that makes it indigestible in the stomach so that it reaches the small intestine intact. This process helps hence avoid fishy burps.

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