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GNC: Keeping Eyes Healthy in the Digital Age: How to Avoid Eye Strain

GNC: Keeping Eyes Healthy in the Digital Age: How to Avoid Eye Strain - GNC India

The eyes are one of the most crucial sense organs. Hours spent in front of your computer screen puts a lot of strain on your eyes, which can ultimately lead to dryness, bad eyesight, watery eyes, itchiness and several other kinds of eye problems. With ‘work from home’ becoming mainstream in the new normal, you spend more time in front of the screen, be it in front of the computer or your phones scrolling through social media which ultimately means that your eyes need extra care.

The pandemic has turned everything into a digital world. From spending time with friends, studying, leisure, to even opening a bank account or getting groceries, everything can be done online. In a time dominated by screens, it seems almost impossible to reduce your screen time. The increased screen time is one of the major culprits of weakened eyesight.

To avoid eye strain and long-term issues like migraines from the same, you need to put in a little extra effort to take care of them. GNC provides you with a wide range of multivitamins and supplements that promote healthy eyes. These vitamins, minerals and supplements support your immune system, keep it strong and provide your body with extra nutrition for good eyesight. Read along to know which supplements and vitamins you need.

GNC Beta Carotene 6 mg: Vitamin A has to be a crucial part of your diet for healthy eyes. The GNC Beta Carotene 6 mg has over 10,000 IU of Vitamin A that can help individuals who have a lower amount of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables in their diet such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, broccoli and sweet potatoes, among others. Beta-Carotene is converted in the body to vitamin A which is essential for normal vision and antioxidant function.

GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil: Fish oil is known to support brain, skin, heart joints and eye health. GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil is rich in Omega 3. Fish Oil helps to improve the eye’s oil film, produced by small glands on the edge of the eyelid, called the meibomian glands and reduce the need for artificial tears, helping to reduce symptoms of dry eyes. It contains 1,500 mg Omega 3, with 900 mg of EPA and DHA beneficial in preventing dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Each capsule is enteric coated to prevent fishy burps too.

GNC Salmon Oil: Salmon is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, providing DHA and EPA. Unfortunately, it is not possible to gain access to Salmon in many parts of India. Supplement the need for Salmon with GNC Salmon Oil to reap the benefits of 1000 mg of Salmon Oil blend with 180 mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA, in each serving. The EPA and DHA in Salmon Oil improve the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, supporting healthy vision and aids in brain function.

GNC Multivitamins: The GNC multivitamins are your one-stop solution to all vitamin deficiencies. The multivitamins are enriched with Lutein, also known as the ‘eye vitamin’, and Zeaxanthin. Lutein and Zeaxanthin help to filter out the sunlight as well as blue light protects your eyes from retinal damage and cancel out free radicals to ensure healthy eyes. They also help improve cognitive performance enhances vision and prevents eye fatigue.

To prevent and balance out the stress your eyes go through daily, a healthy diet and adequate nutrients are important. Even while relaxing and doing something for leisure, most people either binge-watch or play games. That means more screen time. Instead of binge-watching Netflix, you can organize a small get together. Read a real book instead of reading kindle. Meditate, exercise, take up yoga or start a new hobby. You can take a walk in the park as the green colour is soothing to the eyes.

These measures will help you cut down your screen time and will work as a mood booster in your monotony of work from home.

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