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Have you accounted for Fit-vestments in your budget 2021?

Have you accounted for Fit-vestments in your budget 2021? - GNC India

2020 has been an incredible year of learning, unlearning and relearning. It has impacted our lives in many ways. While some stuck to their fitness goals, some re-initiated them and a few lost their focus on health. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming financial year, it is important to keep a part of our savings dedicated to our health from the overall budget. Fitness is an important asset but we seldom financially account for it. Investing in it can lead to good health in the long run. And if there is one very important thing that 2020 has taught us, it has to be that ‘Prevention is not only better, but even cheaper than the cure.’ Yes, you read that right!

We all know that prevention is better than the cure. However, prevention also brings financial benefits as it can reduce medical expenses. A small investment in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can lead to healthy returns in the long run.

You can account for the following fit-vestments in this budget:

Home exercise equipment
The pandemic has taught us that true determination cannot be shackled. You do not need an expensive gym membership in order to achieve your fitness goals. Make sure you invest in a yoga mat, resistance bands, kettle bells, basic dumb bells and kick start your home workouts like a boss! Do remember to exercise 3-4 times a week!

Protein Supplement
According to an IMRB survey, 9 out of 10 Indians do not meet their protein requirement. Proteins are considered to be the body’s building blocks and repair agents. According to the ‘ICMR 2010 Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians,’ one should consume 1 gram protein per kg of the person’s body weight. While an average Indian adult male requires only 60 grams of protein, our diet type and lifestyle fail to meet the requirement. Adding a protein supplement to your daily diet can add the required amount of quality protein in your daily diet. And did we mention that protein helps with immunity building too?

GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein is loaded with quality whey protein which delivers all essential amino acids and helps you fulfill your daily protein requirement. One scoop of GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein provides 24g of protein which helps you meet 40% of your daily requirement. This supplement is ideal for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts as well as for general use.

Fresh fruits, Vegetables and a Multivitamin Supplement:
According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Nutrition in 2018, 62% of the urban population in India consumed less vitamins and minerals than recommended. The diets analyzed were inadequate with respect to fruits, vegetables, whole grains and millets. Micronutrients are required in small quantities and are responsible for vital functions of the human body. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is also recommended. And investing monthly in a good multivitamin supplement, depending upon your age, gender and fitness goals can help with boosting your overall health to a great extent.

GNC Mega Men One Daily for Men and GNC Women’s One Daily Multivitamin for women are highly concentrated and effective tablets packed with the goodness of 32+ essential nutrients. They provide most of the vitamins and minerals at 100% daily value. These small tablets of goodness are important for keeping you energized throughout the day and supporting your immunity.

On-The-Go Nutritious Meals
Packaged food in India has been ranked the lowest in terms of its healthiness in a major global survey of packaged foods and drinks. With our busy and erratic lifestyles, we end up binging on unhealthy packaged foods which impact our wellbeing negatively in the long run. One of the best solutions to tackle this is carrying an easy-to-make, on-the-go healthy snack or a meal. A good Meal Replacement shake is a great option. These shakes are created by nutrition experts and include an optimal ratio of macro & micronutrients.

GNC Total Lean, Lean Shake 25 is a nutritious meal replacer. Each serving of this provides 25 grams of high-quality protein, 8 grams of soluble fibre, 27 vitamins & minerals and ONLY 207 calories. The product does not have added sugars and thus, is a great alternative to a solid meal on a busy day or while you’re traveling.

So, what are you waiting for? Start accounting for these fit-vestments in your budget and get healthy long-term returns gradually!

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