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How to Take the Best Care of your Joints?

How to Take the Best Care of your Joints? - GNC India

Did you know that nearly 90% of people in India suffer from knee joint problems by the age of 60-65? In this context, doctors have stated that this can be easily avoided with a healthy lifestyle and food habits.

Joint discomfort can slow you down from doing everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs or even moving around. But doctors and fitness experts recommend that with a few basic physical activities and a well-balanced diet, one can keep a check on this.

Here’s what you can do to work your way towards healthy and strong bones and joints:

Be on the Move

When you are having trouble with your joints, the first instinct is to avoid physical activity. However, it should be just the opposite. Low impact exercises like walking, cycling, jogging, and swimming help your joints to be healthy and strong. Even a 30-minute workout every day can work wonders for your bones.

People with a sedentary lifestyle can often be a victim of ill-joint health. If you are someone who has a desk job and has to sit for long hours, your hips and knees might get affected. Try and take a walk around your office floor every half an hour or so to keep your joints moving.

Shed those Extra Pounds

Joint discomfort can be experienced by people of all sizes and shapes. But if you have a healthy weight for your height, you will exert less pressure on your knees and thus, burden them less. Studies suggest that every extra pound on the body can stress the knees by four times more. Thus, looking to bring the scale down is a no-brainer for maintaining joint health. A nutritious diet combined with a light workout session can help you achieve this.

Don’t Shy Away from the Good Fats

There’s nothing like healthy fats to support the anti-inflammatory response of your body. Omega-3 fatty acids like ELA and omega-6 fatty acids like GLA both aid in this. Make sure you include enough omega-rich foods like salmon, tuna and trout in your diet. Additionally, you can also take supplements like GNC Triple Strength Omega to meet your daily quota of fatty acids, in case you don’t prefer to eat fish.

Apart from fatty acids, you can also supplement your diet with GNC Triflex that is specially formulated to promote joint health. This supplement can prove to be effective in making your joints more flexible and can also support your body’s ability to repair cartilages and lubricate joints.

If you are one of the 50 million Indians who face joint problems on a regular basis, make these small changes in your everyday routine to stay your healthy best.

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