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Pawan Gupta: The Indian Air Force Serviceman and the Sanda Fighter

Pawan Gupta: The Indian Air Force Serviceman and the Sanda Fighter

Pawan Gupta: The Indian Air Force Serviceman and the Sanda Fighter

Did you know that martial arts are a popular form of the fighting system that is practiced for discipline, self-defense, and fitness and even as a sport? While there are several schools and forms of martial arts, they all have a common objective, which is self-defense. Notably, martial arts can be divided into two major categories such as - hard martial arts, including karate on the other and soft martial arts, like judo. However, there is another form of martial art that combines hard and soft martial arts, and it is popularly known as Wushu. Due to this trait, the form is also known as a complete martial art and a full contact spot. Notably, there are two distinct categories in Wushu as well.

One of the most common ones between them is Sanda. It is based on the study, principles, and practices of traditional kung fu and involves modern combat fighting techniques that are embraced in different parts of the world. When it comes to India, the martial art form has paved the way for notable athletes like Pawan Gupta, who won over the praise and attention of many across the world and took the sport to the global stage.

In this post, we will explore what drove Pawan Gupta to become a recognized name in this category and how he went ahead and carved a presence for himself in this space.

Biography of Pawan Gupta

  • About Pawan Gupta: Essentially, Pawan Gupta is a Sanda player with several records under his name and has made India proud on multiple occasions. The 5 '9'' tall athlete was born on 12 June 1993, hails from Uttar Pradesh, and has had a simple upbringing. From a very early age, Pawan Gupta has been interested in sports and actively took part in many competitions. While he was in school, he got into kickboxing, which was immensely popular among the kids. Subsequently, he used to take part in many kickboxing competitions.
  • Interest in Wushu: When he was practicing at a local stadium in Lucknow, he witnessed a group of athletes practicing the art of Wushu. He was quick to identify the similarities between kung fu and Wushu, but he also noticed the differences at the same time. He was, in particular, drawn to the energy of those athletes who were practicing the martial art form. This piqued his interest in martial arts and drove him to shift his base from kickboxing to Wushu.
  • Entry to Competitions: Initially, practicing the sport helped him to improve his control over his body and enhance his self-defense techniques. In addition, it also helped to boost his energy levels. After months of rigorous practice, he gained confidence in his technique and started participating in many competitions and championships. He has been closely associated with the sport for over ten years and has proven his merit in the sport not just in India but also on the world stage. Pawan Gupta has several medals and awards under his name. His technique, skills, and discipline have helped him emerge as a four-time national champion in kickboxing and remain a Wushu champion for a long time. His positive form and skilled technique have helped him become a source of inspiration for many individuals who have an interest in martial arts or plan on training.
  • Academy Dreams: Having been a part of the sport for a long time, he decided to help others master the martial art and gain better control of their energy and body. To ensure this, he has been working actively to make his Wushu academy accessible to youngsters who wish to train in this particular martial sport.
  • Social Media Popularity: Besides this, he is pretty active on his social media channels, where he regularly posts training videos that not only motivate youngsters but also offer a sneak peek into his fitness regime. Currently, he has a massive following of over 634k on his Instagram account, where he engages daily with his fans and supporters through his content. Among his many accolades, Gupta’s feat of becoming a leading brand influencer of GNC is notable. The brand is an established name in the fitness and wellness nutrition domain and has a presence in over 9000 locations across 50 countries. Being associated with a brand that offers high-quality pre-workout supplements, protein powder, and mass gainers, Gupta has made a niche among the fitness enthusiasts.
  • Work-Life: Interestingly, besides being a passionate athlete and martial arts practitioner, he is a full-time serviceman of the Indian Air Force. He has been a part of the IAF since 2014. In fact, during the pandemic, he used to practice his art rigorously at his campus.
  • Personal Life: Pawan Gupta is very private about his personal life. As per publicly available information, he is unmarried.

The Net worth of Pawan Gupta

Details about Pawan Gupta's current net worth are not known. However, older records suggest that at one point, his net worth was 759 thousand. Notably, his winnings, prize money, awards, medals, and accolades contribute to his latest net worth. In addition, Pawan Gupta’s IAF salary will add to the same. Besides these, Pawan Gupta has had the opportunity to collaborate with several health and fitness brands on multiple occasions, acting as his additional source of income. Besides these, Pawan Gupta has had the opportunity to collaborate with several health and fitness brands including GNC India on multiple occasions, acting as his additional source of income.

Achievements of Pawan Gupta

The Indian Sanda fighter Pawan Gupta won a bronze medal at the Asian wushu championship held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2012. He also represented the country at the Asian Sanda Championship in Singapore and won a silver medal.

His key achievements are listed below -

Competition Title
National Champion
Asian Wushu Championships
2X Wushu Sanda Cup
Shanghai Sanda Championship

Journey of Pawan Gupta

  • Interest in Sports: Pawan Gupta began his journey as a Wushu enthusiast in 2009. Ever since he was a young boy, he wanted to make it big in sports, especially in the field of martial arts, and make his nation proud. Through his relentless hard work, discipline, and determination, he turned his passion into a pursuit. As a result, when he found Wushu, he dedicated his time and energy to the sport and has never looked back since that moment.
  • Asian Wushu Championship: In the 8th Asian Wushu Championship, at Hanoi, he won the bronze medal, displaying India's grip on martial arts and popularizing the game further in the country. Again in 2015, he won the bronze medal at the National Games of India, held in Kerala.
  • Asian Sanda Championship & International Wushu Championship: In 2017, Pawan Gupta bagged the silver medal at the Asian Sanda Championship in Singapore.
    Following this, he also won the 2017 International Wushu Championship that was held in Armenia. In that competition, he took part in the 70 kg men's category and ended up with a bronze medal.
  • Shanghai Cooperation’s International Wushu Sanda Tournament: In the following year, he represented the country at the Shanghai Cooperation's International Wushu Sanda Tournament in the 75kg men's category. In that competition, he emerged as the third-rank holder. In 2019, Pawan Gupta took part in the Batumi Open International Wushu Tournament in Batumi, Georgia. In that particular tournament, he won the silver medal.

Currently, he is training his abilities and, at the same time, helping many others to enhance their skills and techniques through his informative videos.

Diet Plan of Pawan Gupta

Pawan Gupta is an ardent believer in clean eating. He makes it a point to consume a balanced diet that is rich in requisite nutrients.

One of his go-to meals before his workout includes -

  • Banana
  • Oatmeal
  • Dry fruits
  • Fruit yogurt
  • Whole grain yogurt
  • GNC Whey Protein

Pawan Gupta usually consumes this 1 hour before he starts to exercise. Besides this, he is cautious about what he puts into his body and ensures every food and supplement that he eats is natural and devoid of any chemicals. This is why he trusts GNC supplements that feature natural ingredients to provide the body with the much-required strength and endurance to carry his athletic sessions smoothly.

Workout Regime of Pawan Gupta

Pawan Gupta is very particular about his wushu training. He spends hours practicing his moves and perfecting his techniques. In addition, he spends hours exercising in the gym and lifting weights. One can check his workout regime on his Instagram account, where he regularly updates reels. He also uploads workout videos on his YouTube channel, which has around 93k subscribers. Through his inspiring videos, he aims to encourage the masses to embrace fitness and turn India into a fitness country. In addition, by collaborating with premium wellness nutrition brands and advocating for high-quality supplements like GNC mass gainers and GNC fish oil, he aims to make his followers aware of the role of clean and natural supplements in bodybuilding.


Wushu star athlete Pawan Gupta is an inspirational figure for many individuals in India and abroad. His disciplined lifestyle and approach to leading a healthy and active lifestyle have earned him the praise of many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Pawan Gupta?
Pawan Gupta is a Sanda Wushu player and an athlete. He is a National Champion and has participated in the Asian Wushu Championships, Wushu Sanda Cup, and Shanghai Sanda Championship. Besides being a Sanda player, he works for the Indian Air Force. He is also a brand influencer of the fitness and wellness nutrition brand GNC.

2. What is Pawan Gupta's height?
Pawan Gupta is 5’9’’ tall and weighs around 75kg.

3. Which sport does Pawan Gupta play?
Pawan Gupta is a Sanda Wushu Player which is a form of kung fu martial arts.

4. What is Pawan Gupta’s age?
Wushu player Pawan Gupta was born on June 12, 1993.

5. What is the connection between Pawan Gupta and GNC India?
Pawan Gupta is an athlete influencer of the fitness and wellness nutrition brand – GNC India. He is seen endorsing GNC supplements on his social media accounts.

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