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Pawan Hi-Flyer Sehrawat - The Present and Future of India's Kabaddi

Pawan Hi-Flyer Sehrawat - The Present and Future of India's Kabaddi

The Indian kabaddi domain has recently gained much-deserved fame and recognition. Notably, a big part of this rising popularity goes to the intensity of the game and the talented athletes displaying the grit and glory of the traditional sport. One such kabaddi player happens to be Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, a rising star of the Indian kabaddi domain. He is a professional Kabaddi player who rose to fame by competing in Pro Kabaddi League.

He is associated with the Bulls in season 6 of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2018, he helped the team win the season with 22 impressive strikes. In the same year, he had the most focus, 282. Over the years, he has been a part of renowned professional Kabaddi teams such as Telugu Titans, Gujrat Fortune Giants, and Bangalore Bulls.

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat Biography

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat is an Indian kabaddi player who was born on 9th July 1996. Let's find out more about Pawan Sehrawat.

  • About Pawan Sehrawat: Pawan Sehrawat was drawn to Kabaddi at a very young age. When he was 12, he started participating in his school's kabaddi games and quickly became interested in the sport. His knack for the game and grasp over it helped him secure several grants and scholarships throughout his school and college phases. However, Sehrawat's father was his major source of inspiration.
  • First Job: While in the second year of his graduation course in 2015, Pawan Sehrawat began his professional career as a TT of the Indian Railways. He landed his first job with the Indian railway after Randhir Singh spotted him in the Northern Railway preliminary exams. Subsequently, due to his sporting abilities, he was signed by the Pro Kabaddi League organisation based in Bangalore.
  • Professional Start as a PKL Player: Since then, he has had a glorious run and earned immense public support and recognition. On the occasion of scoring 304, he emerged 37 points ahead of Arjun Deshwal. Notably, owing to his ability to move over his defender's shoulder and to make a prompt escape with a lion jump, he earned the nickname of hi-flyer.
  • Personal life: Pawan Sehrawat is a very private person. He is known to be an unmarried person. Reports suggest that he is not dating anyone, either.

Pawan Sehrawat Net worth

As per publicly available data, Pawan Sherawat’s salary is approximately 10-15 crores. Given his professional accolades and collaborations, he is said to have a total net worth of over Rs. 4 crore. Notably, his salary and total net worth include his earnings from the auction of the Pro Kabaddi League and all his MVP awards.

Recently, the Telugu Titans sold him for a whopping price of Rs. 2.6 crores in the 2023 auction of the Pro Kabaddi League. He is currently one of the highest-paid players in the Pro Kabaddi League. Besides his athletic accolades, Sehrawat’s healthy lifestyle and fitness regime have garnered attention from several health and fitness brands.

As a result, he has become the athlete face of a leading fitness and wellness nutrition brand – GNC India, which was first established in the USA in 1935. They have various supplements, such as GNC whey protein, pre-workout supplements, and multivitamins, that benefit overall health and wellness and support fitness and bodybuilding endeavours. Being a globally recognized brand influencer further adds to his net value.

Pawan Sehrawat’s Journey So Far

Now, let's discuss Pawan Sehrawat's journey, where he worked hard to achieve everything he has today.

  • Career Breakthrough: In his Pro Kabaddi League Career, Pawan Sehrawat made a mark for himself as an aggressive raider. He began his professional kabaddi journey in the third season of the Pro Kabaddi League. However, it took him three seasons to make a breakthrough after he finished as the leading scorer and bagged the MVP award. Subsequently, in the finale, he set another new record with 22 points for Gujarat Fortune Giants.
  • Special Ability: Pawan Sehrawat is known to increase his pace during a raid and take his opponents by surprise with a running hand touch.
  • Team Allocation: In season 3, Pawan Sehrawat was chosen by Bengaluru Bulls. He was associated with the team till season 5, when Gujarat Fortune Giants picked him. In the following season, he was again summoned by the Bengaluru Bulls. He was the season's top scorer with 283 points in just 24 outings.

During the sixth season, his outstanding performance enabled him to drive the Bengaluru Bulls to success, who won their first title in the league. By the end of the season, he became the player who scored the most points, i.e., 22 points in the final. He also inflicted six super raids, the most significant in that season. In 2023, he was a part of the Telugu Titans.

Notable statistics:

Matches Played (Raid) Statistics Matches Played (Tackles) Statistics
Matches Played 142 Matches Played 142
Total Raids 2136 Main Tackles 174
Raid Points 1433 Tackle Points 77
Avg. Time on Mat 52.6% Avg. Time on Mat 50.89%
Avg. Strike Rate 66.27% Avg. Out Rate 58.56%
Avg. Out Rate 32.26% Avg. Strike Rate 56.33%
Effective Points 891 Avg. Success Assists 54%

Achievements of Pawan Sehrawat

Following are some of the most notable achievements of Pawan Sehrawat throughout his career:

  • Pawan Sehrawat scored 18 points against the team of Karnataka in the Senior Nationals, garnering the attention of all at the Federation Cup.
  • In his first game of the league in 2018, he scored 20 points against Tamil Thalaivas. He again scored 16 points in his next game against them
  • In Pro Kabaddi League season 7, he collected over 500 points.
  • He is the third-greatest to score 29 points in one game.

Pawan Sehrawat's riding abilities and agility regularly help his team emerge from challenging situations. He once helped his team cope with an 11-point disadvantage. Individuals who have seen him play and compete and know about Pawan Kumar Sehrawat's skills end up cheering for him, regardless of which team they support in the game.

Pawan Sehrawat Diet

Sehrawat, who is 5 '10 tall and weighs around 70 kg, firmly believes that agility is of more value than bulking up to excel in professional kabaddi. As a professional player, he makes it a point to stay away from sweets as much as possible. He encourages others keen on living a healthy and active lifestyle to follow the same.

He believes that diet is the most crucial part of building strength and staying fit. Hence, he makes it a point to be cautious about what he eats and puts into his body. He is likely to indulge in a hearty meal of fresh, clean food that amounts to a balanced diet.

In addition, he nourishes his muscles and maintains their strength by regularly consuming GNC 100% Whey Protein. It is one of the best GNC supplements known to boost the strength and endurance of the body and its muscles.

Pawan Sehrawat Workout Regime

Pawan Sehrawat spends much time exercising and recovering as a professional kabaddi player. While exercising, he spends much time strengthening and working on his core muscles. He believes that a strong core will allow him to maintain his strength and keep up his speed even when he chooses to bulk up.

He regularly takes supplements like GNC Gainers and Triple Strength Fish Oil to provide his core with additional strength and to endure rigorous workouts. As a kabaddi player, he prioritises working on his agility and includes exercises that benefit his flexibility and movement.

He regularly shares his workout regime and training vlogs with his fans through his YouTube channel and Instagram profile. In each video, Pawan Sehrawat details his training process to encourage those aspiring to become athletes or lead active and fit lifestyles.


Over the years, Pawan Sehrawat has carved a niche in the kabaddi domain, becoming a fan favourite across all age groups. Pawan Sehrawat’s life story and dedication have been a source of inspiration for many who wish to walk in the same path.

His relentless hard work and strength have not only taken Indian sport to newer heights but have also instilled a desire in the hearts of youngsters to pursue the sport or lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Through his timely advice and dedication, he continues to inspire the youth. He will stay a true source of inspiration for many in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Pawan Sehrawat?
Pawan Sehrawat is a pro Kabaddi player in India. He is the highest-paid player in Pro Kabaddi League and was associated with Telugu Titans in 2023.

2. How much is Pawan Sehrawat net worth?
The estimated Pawan Sehrawat net worth is around 10-15 crores.

3. What is Pawan Sehrawat's height?
Pawan Kumar Sehrawat is 5 foot 10 inches in height.

4. What surgery did Pawan Sehrawat have?
Pawan Kumar Sehrawat had to undergo surgery for his anterior cruciate ligament when he met an injury during a game.

5. Pawan Sehrawat is an athlete brand influencer of which fitness and wellness nutrition brand?
Pawan Sehrawat is a brand influencer of GNC, a leading name in the fitness and wellness nutrition segment.

6. Who is Pawan Sehrawat’s wife?
According to publicly available information, Pawan Sehrawat is unmarried. He is not known to have a girlfriend at present.

7. What is Pawan Sehrawat’s nickname?
Pawan Sehrawat earned the nickname Hi-flyer because of his ability to jump over the defenders' shoulders and escape with lion jumps. His agility has helped him garner praise and attention from many.

8. How does Pawan Sehrawat include GNC in his fitness regime?
Before training and exercise, Pawan Sehrawat regularly consumes GNC supplements, especially pre-workout powders and proteins.

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