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Bikramjeet Singh: Here Everything You Wanted to Know About Biki Singh - India's first classic physique

Bikramjeet Singh: Here Everything You Wanted to Know About Biki Singh - India's first classic physique

The role of a good and experienced coach is indispensable in sports and behind the success of an athlete. This notion also stands true in the case of bodybuilding. Like sports, an experienced coach is adept at guiding fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts in all critical aspects of their training, including diet, workout programs, and nutritional guidance.

While several coaches are willing to share their experience with the bodybuilding community, picking one who understands the process and has significant on-field expertise is essential. One such name who outshines most in this field is Bikramjeet Singh. Biki Singh is a renowned fitness trainer and bodybuilding coach and India's first classic physique titleholder. There is a lot to learn from the journey of these experienced health and fitness enthusiasts and implement it into one's daily practice.

Biography of Bikramjeet Singh

Bikramjeet Singh is India's first classic physique, making him a popular figure to admire and draw inspiration.

About Him

Bikramjeet Singh is popularly known as Biki Singh. He is a pro bodybuilder who participated in multiple NPC and bagged the title for seven titles, including the one he won in 2015 at Syracuse, where he emerged as a winner in his weight class division.
He is an IFBB Pro and a known personal trainer based in New Hyde Park, New York. IFBB Pro Biki Singh hails from Miani, Punjab, and pursued education at reputed institutions such as News Network and St. Paul's School.


Biki Singh continues to train under George Farah, who has been helping him push his boundaries and work on his strengths. When working with George, Bikramjeet Singh understood the basics of bodybuilding and the value of nutrition. His learning and experience encouraged him to share his knowledge with other fitness enthusiasts in India and abroad.
This has encouraged him to further contribute to the fitness industry and train young individuals to embrace their talents and enhance their skills. Over the years, through Biki Singh's trainer's knowledge and bodybuilding experience, he has helped numerous clients work on their strength training and nutrition while transforming their bodies.

First Workout Experience

Bikramjeet Singh first started working out at the age of 9. He hails from a family of wrestlers, and as a kid, he regularly visited his uncle's dangals and watched his practice and fights. As a kid, he would mess around the dangals and try to pick up new moves during the sessions.
From a very early age, he wanted to be involved in some sport. He has been passionate about health and fitness from a young age and wants to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Biki Singh Height

Professional bodybuilding championships and titles set a specific height for the contestants to meet to become eligible. At 5 '10, Biki Singh's bodybuilder height was deemed the mark to qualify for several bodybuilding competitions.

Net Worth of Bikramjeet Singh

Biki Singh has an undisclosed but significant net worth in the current market. During his early years as a pro bodybuilder, Singh participated in multiple competitions and won titles. Currently, he is a renowned professional fitness trainer based in New York. Over the years, he has also collaborated with different health and fitness brands, which added to his sources of income.

As a fitness influencer, he has assumed a significant following of over 274k followers on Instagram and a significant following on YouTube, which adds to his current market valuation and worth. He has also collaborated with several health and fitness brands, including GNC India, which is touted as a leading fitness and wellness nutrition brand established in the USA in 1935.

List of Bikramjeet Singh’s Achievements

S.N. Title
1 India 1st Classic Physique Pro
2 Metropolitan 1st place
3 Eastern USA first place
4 Rochester Classic 1st place
5 Atlantic States 1st place

Bikramjeet Singh’s Journey So Far

Nobody's life is stable, and everyone has their ups and downs. Similarly, becoming Biki Singh as a brand in itself took work. Let's discuss his life journey so far:

  • Coaching Career and Personal Trainer: Bikramjeet Singh is a pro bodybuilder who has competed in several competitions and won many titles. Currently, he trains as a coach and helps numerous aspiring athletes to unlock their potential and help fitness enthusiasts meet their bodybuilding goals.
    When training with George Farah, he discovered that there is so much more to bodybuilding. He found joy in training fitness enthusiasts and guiding them to achieve their bodybuilding goals.
  • Instagram Feat: As a pro bodybuilder and fitness coach, Bikramjeet Singh has amassed an influential figure in the modern fitness industry. Currently, with a massive following on Instagram, he has established himself as a fitness industry leader.
  • Training Approach: Regarding fitness coaching, Biki Singh believes that no one is right or wrong and that every bodybuilder works in their own way and follows their directions and rules. Singh helps athletes showcase their physical improvements and guides them on how to relax and focus on their development.
    As the famous Biki Singh coach, he prioritises mental peace and stress management to ensure they are focused on preparing and planning their growth without being influenced by external concerns and worries. His personal transformation proves his dedication to his craft and fitness efforts, which in turn have inspired several youngsters to follow the route.
    His efforts in his fitness journey have garnered him immense recognition in the industry and positioned him as a popular public figure in the health and fitness industry. As a result, he has become the face of many health and fitness products, including GNC supplements.
  • Popular Clients and Admirers: Bikramjeet Singh's guidance has been highly sought-after by fitness enthusiasts, especially those aspiring to participate in and win pro bodybuilding competitions. One of his popular clients has been Junaid Kaliwala, who became the first Indian IFBB Pro in Men's Physique.
    Kaliwali has been training with Biki Singh for a long time, who made it a point to train him for the competitions, especially during his training phase during the NPC championships.

His professionalism and unwavering commitment to his passion for fitness have earned him the praise and respect of many. Through his hard work, he has gained the admiration of several reputed names, including well-known personal trainers and fitness coaches like Jillian Michaels.

Diet Plan of Bikramjeet Singh

Diet plays a crucial role in bodybuilding. Initiating and maintaining a proper diet are two different things. Bikramjeet singh is so dedicated to his diet plans. Let's now discuss his diet plan:

  • Vegetarian Diet: In 2023, Bikramjeet Singh turned vegetarian, stunning everyone who thought a vegetarian diet could not support bodybuilding efforts. Singh believes in eating clean and healthy food and leading an active lifestyle.
    Since switching to a vegetarian diet, Singh has reported its benefits in several interviews and interactions. He has even reported improvement in his joint pain and reduction in inflammation.
  • Morning Routine: As a daily routine, Singh begins his day with a glass of hot water mixed with half a teaspoon each of turmeric, black pepper, and salt, along with a squeeze of half a lemon. This has been his morning ritual for over 10 years, and he vouches for the drink to be a potent detoxifier.
    He has made it a point to have his first meal daily at 10:30 am. He believes that consistency is essential whether one plans to shred or bulk.
  • Approach to Diet Plans: However, he is known to adjust his meal portions per his fitness or bodybuilding goals. Then again, he has been vocal about changing their diet, training, and recovering frequently. He encourages enthusiasts to stick to the tried and tested methods and continue what works best for their bodies.
    On more than one occasion, he has emphasised the need to focus on one's meal and avoid distractions, especially using a cell phone.
  • Dinner Plan: Singh's dinner is his big meal, but he tends to skip carbohydrates for it. Instead, he consumes high-fat foods such as cheese and dates for dinner.
  • Natural Supplements: Besides consuming a clean and balanced diet, Singh consumes health and fitness supplements. One of his go-to natural supplements is GNC whey protein and mass gainers. He also makes it a point to take GNC pre-workout supplements to give his body the required strength and energy before exercise.

Workout Regime of Bikramjeet Singh

Biki Singh believes that no magic pill will help one get huge or shredded overnight. He encourages individuals to remain consistent in their approach and train daily to see and retain results.

Bikramjeet starts his training at the gym with basic exercises that include stretching and cardio and, subsequently, ab training. His favourite go-to exercises for chest and biceps include:

  • Isolateral Machine Chest Press
  • Cable Flye
  • Barbell Curl
  • Dumbbell Biceps Curl
  • Dumbbell Pullover
  • Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Besides these, Bikramjeet regularly offers insight into his workout regime through his social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, and website. His updates keep fans and followers encouraged and informed about how to work on one's body and the correct methods to see visible results.


With a notable following on Instagram, Bikramjeet has turned into a fitness phenomenon. His achievements and his dedication to helping other bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have helped gain him immense popularity and admiration. As a fitness trainer and coach, he continues to inspire others and guide them towards achieving their bodybuilding goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Biki Singh?
Biki Singh is the first Classic Physique pro from India. He has emerged as a celebrated public figure in the fitness industry. He is also a brand influencer of GNC India, a leading specialty retailer of health and wellness products.

2. How much is Biki Singh's height?
Biki singh’s height is 5 '10.

3. Who is India's first classic physique?
Bikramjeet Singh, also known as Biki Singh, is India's first classic pro physique titleholder.

4. Is Biki Singh vegetarian?
Yes, Biki Singh is a vegetarian. In 2023, he switched to a vegetarian diet and witnessed improvement in his health and mobility.

5. Who is the first IFBB pro in India?
Junaid Kaliwala is the first IFBB Pro in India. Bikramjeet Singh, aka Biki Singh, trained him.

6. What are some of Biki Singh's favourite GNC Supplements?
Bikramjit Singh regularly consumes GNC supplements to strengthen his body and muscle power. The GNC Whey protein is a daily part of Biki Singh's diet. He also uses GNC's pre-workout and protein powder daily to support his fitness goals.

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