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Prepping for Holistic Health this Holiday season

Prepping for Holistic Health this Holiday season - GNC India

The holiday season is upon us and so are the countless number of social commitments with friends and family that we happily attend to. Well most of the time, yes!

Even if you aren’t exactly a party person hopping from one celebration to another, you are bound to indulge in some scrumptious food and wine during the holidays. Adopting a particular disregard for a proper schedule comes easily to us during this time and ‘Netflix and chill’ seems much more inviting.

However, this seemingly great downtime from otherwise busy and boring days may have dire consequences on your health since you are consuming so much. What better time to prepare your body and health than now? Here are a few doable tips to stay healthy and sane during the holidays.

Reinforce healthy eating habits
This cannot be stressed enough that what you feed your body, it ultimately reflects in your overall well being and state of mind. During the holidays we tend to over indulge in fatty and oily food. What’s required is to manage that effectively.

Some easy ways to do that are, making sure you’re keeping the food portion size in check, indulging in moderation and taking care of your gut. Mindful snacking helps in this case, instead of reeling in guilt later.

Replacing old food habits that affect your health badly, with new morning routines of savouring smoothies and lean shakes for breakfast can boost your metabolism and energy levels greatly, helping you start your day on a high note. The GNC Total Lean Lean Shake comes in a variety of flavours such as rich chocolate and strawberry to satiate those morning hunger cravings, providing adequate nutrition while also helping in weight management.

Resting is imperative
Adequate sleep is key to a healthy body and mind. The brain restores itself and performs important biological functions while the body is resting and recuperating from the day.
During this process the consumption of GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil which contains significant amounts of omega-3, can keep the heart healthy and greatly reduce the risk of adverse diseases. After consumption, the body is replete with nutrients that it cannot produce itself i.e. omega-3 fatty acids.

Regular breaks from work and social commitments
The inclusion of simple breathing exercises in between breaks from work can greatly influence thoughts, moods and behaviour and help you calm down. Simple hand and neck exercises, and movements in between meetings and social events can help relieve stress by a significant amount.

Including Aloe Vera in your diet can help keep the gut and stomach lining soft and healthy. The GNC aloe vera capsules are a useful aid to keep digestion problems at bay, due to constant long and eventful days during the holidays.

Reintroduce a new workout/ exercise routine
The end of the year brings with itself promises of the coming year while giving a chance to reflect back on what the last year was. If you couldn’t achieve your health and fitness goals this year, there’s always a fresh opportunity to predetermine and set your goals in motion.

Develop a new fitness and workout routine. Listen to your body and its tell-tale signs of how it reacted to the various food and drink it was offered, during the celebrations. Induce a new habit of taking multivitamins to help support the daily functioning of your body. GNC multivitamins for men and women help improve overall health and well-being and can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Remind yourself to take care of your mental sanity
Practice mindfulness and indulge in activities that restore your mental health such as – organizing and cleaning your space, logging off from social media or taking a technology detox, maintaining a gratitude journal and speaking to people you love etc. These can help keep the mind clear and give more power to your thinking abilities.

Make sure you’re keeping your body healthy by taking these GNC multivitamins that help build a strong immune system because as they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Bringing these small but significant changes to your lifestyle can do wonders for your overall health. Apart from small changes in diet, including multivitamins and lean shakes, following a healthy exercise schedule and practising balance in all areas, permits you to enjoy life while remaining healthy.

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