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Research says Physically Fit Fathers may have Healthier Children

Research says Physically Fit Fathers may have Healthier Children - GNC India

A recent study has claimed that a diet can impact the long term health effects of the offspring. We are very well versed with the fact that the mother’s health has a direct correlation with the health of a baby.

Studies have clearly shown that a mother’s nutritional status before the conception can directly impact the fetus (unborn child’s) genetic composition and immune system.  Now, the science is working very closely to understand the impact of father’s health on an unborn child.

In one of the recent studies, it was found out that eating habits of the to-be father can affect the quality of the sperm and the offspring thereafter.

The data analyzed for the study indicated there is growing evidence that paternal diet, physiology, and environmental factors impact on sperm quality, post-fertilization development, and adult offspring health,” read the official website.

The study further indicated that the low-protein diet of a father can affect the sperm quality, which, in turn, can make the baby “heavier with increased adiposity, glucose intolerance, perturbed hepatic gene expression symptomatic of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and altered gut bacterial profiles.” To sum up, in simple words, it can put the baby at risk of suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes.

Healthy parents make a healthy baby

The parents should ideally focus on 5 important things to start with to have a great pregnancy period.

  • Consume adequate amount of protein: Meet you RDA of protein which is 0.8 – 1g/kg/b.wt per day by consuming good quality protein like eggs, dairy products, a combination of pulses and cereals. A protein supplement can help fill the gap between your requirement and protein intake.
  • Minimum 30 minutes of brisk walking: Make a point to walk for a minimum 30 minutes apart from your regular daily activity. This will not only help to keep your weight at bay but will also alleviate your mood by releasing happy relaxing hormones.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking can have detrimental effects on your health and even on your semen health. The study found that smoking was associated with decreased sperm count, decreased sperm motility (movement of the sperm), and poor sperm morphology (shape of the sperm
  • Get enough sleep: It is very important to have proper sleep for a minimum of 7 – 8 hours. Lack of sleep also affects the quality of your sperm. Proper sleep can also improve your physical activity throughout the day.
  • Stress Less: As per the study was done by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, around 40% of infertile couples – the male partner is the sole reason for the same. One of the major causes of male infertility would be excessive stress due to excessive lifestyle stress. Life stress can lead to lower sperm count and semen quality. Follow pranayama daily in the mornings, listen to your favorite songs or follow your hobby on a daily basis.
  • Follow these 5 simple tips and start your journey towards better fatherhood.

    Make a promise to yourself this Father’s Day!!

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