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#StopTheSearch – 6 Important Multivitamin Supplements To Boost Your Immunity

#StopTheSearch – 6 Important Multivitamin Supplements To Boost Your Immunity - GNC India

Throughout this pandemic, immunity building has been a key concern for everyone. And you can now #StopTheSearch for immunity based solutions. We are here to simplify things and help you zero in on the ideal approach to improving your immunity based on various key vitamins.

Vitamins are the building blocks for the body. Different vitamins help the body with a range of functions including immunity-boosting, maintaining a healthy metabolism, energy levels, and so on. Different vitamins also provide the body with essential nutrients – for example, Vitamin C contains Zinc and Vitamin D contains iron – both of which help the body with immunity building. The body cannot function properly if there’s any deficiency.

Multivitamin supplements help the body get all of the required nutrients in one go and reduce the chances of any deficiency and ensure consistent levels of immunity. Both males and females have specific vitamin requirements based on factors like age or lifestyle. And GNC is known for our customized multi-vitamins based on a variety of factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, and other health conditions.

Here are our 6 key multivitamin supplements that boost immunity and are customized specifically for both men and women:

The GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin

Only one tablet every day! How easy! The tablet consists of 37 nutrients that help improve men’s immune, brain, and eye health. It contains amino acids that help energize skeletal muscles and includes vitamin B, which helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

The GNC Women’s One Daily Multivitamin

Specially created to support women’s daily nutritional needs, this supplement helps with recovery from intense workouts, overall health, and of course support the need of the hour – to increase and strengthen your immunity!

The GNC Mega Men 50 Plus

All men above the age of 50 require a uniquely different set of essential nutrients in order to remain fit and for their immunity levels to be optimal. This supplement is created keeping that in mind. It contains the correct balance of active ingredients – vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts. The GNC Mega Men 50 Plus supports heart health, is good for blood circulation, and better colon and prostate health. It is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin B6, and folic acid and it is specially formulated considering age and related health concerns.

The GNC Women’s 50 Plus Multivitamin

Specially tailored for women above the age of 50, this tablet contains 39 key nutrients and provides 18 vitamins and minerals to the body, including Calcium and Vitamin D-3 that strengthen the bones, support energy production and immunity levels, metabolism, and more!

The GNC Mega Men Sport Multivitamin

 Whether you are an athlete or you seek a constantly active lifestyle, you need specific nutrients in order for your body to perform at its best and for your immunity levels to be at the optimum. Our Mega Men Sport Multivitamin supplement provides protection against oxidation, which leads to healthier cells. It helps reduce post-workout fatigue, muscle soreness and helps improve prostate health.

The GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Active Multivitamin

Active women need specific vitamins that help their fast-paced lifestyle. Our Women’s Ultra Mega Active Multivitamin supplement helps improve immunity and levels of key B vitamins and is packed with ingredients that help the body combat the free radicals that can be produced after an intense workout.

These 6 key multivitamins will help your body based on their specific needs. And they will help with improving your immunity and overall holistic health. However, you must always remember to consult your doctor before taking any supplement or multivitamin, a part of your daily diet.

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