The Best GNC Supplements for Weight Loss

Did you know? The prevalence of overweight will be more than double among Indian adults aged 20–69 years between 2010 and 2040, while the prevalence of obesity will triple.  (Luhar S, 2020)

Why is Weight Management a Challenge?

Eating a well-balanced diet can be difficult because

  • Our brain rewards us with pleasure chemicals that are released when we eat.
  • Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles make oversized portions, too many fast food choices, and high-calorie/low nutrient junk food options more convenient.


GNC is here to help make it simple for you to find the diet and weight management products that are best for your needs and goals


Why do you need it?

GNC Products

Meal Replacers

  • Meal Replacers are designed to provide specific nutrients.
  • Have specific portioned amounts of fat, carb, protein, and fiber with vitamins & minerals.
  • Provide a good way to exercise portion control, quick preparation, and on the go convenience.
  • GNC Total Lean Shake 25 contains high-quality protein, 8 gm fiber, and 27 vitamins and minerals.

Cleansing &

Digestion Support

  • A great way to kick starts your weight loss plan.
  • Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes can aid the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins and help reset the digestive system.

Metabolism & Energy Support

  • Thermogenic supplements are great for those who tolerate stimulants well.
  • Provides an extra boost during a workout, during the day, stimulates metabolism for increased calorie burning, and increases focus.
  • Best GNC Thermogenic supplements include Slimvance and Lean Shake Burn.
  • Non-stimulant products like CLA and L-Carnitine are great options for those who have trouble tolerating thermogenic.


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