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The essential guide to skincare

The essential guide to skincare - GNC India
The essential guide to skincare
Your skin’s health plays an important role in your appearance, as well as self-confidence. Skin also performs a variety of other important functions for your body. These include protecting your body from daily exposure to bacteria, viruses and harmful ultraviolet rays, which can harm the cells in your body. Healthy skin helps in producing Vitamin D for your body that is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Your body temperature is controlled and maintained by your skin. Importance of having healthy skin cannot be underestimated. A healthy diet and a daily skincare regime are essentials for healthy skin. India has varied weather conditions and high-pollution levels. Stress levels are on the rise. Taking into consideration these factors, the importance of an intense skin care routine cannot be underestimated.No two individuals have the same skin type. Planning your skincare routine must involve taking into consideration your skin type, and its needs. It is also important to pay attention to the weather conditions your skin would be facing.
woman looking in the mirror to protect your skin from the woes of weather changes, pollution and stress, we offer you an essential guide to skincare below.


  • Regular cleansing:

People with dry skin must avoid hot showers as much as possible. Hot showers not only dehydrate your skin, but they also wash away the essential oils secreted by your skin. Opt for cool water showers in summer, and warm ones for winter. Use a body scrub suited for your skin type to exfoliate your body from head to toe. Exfoliation will help get rid of the dead skin cells that tend to accumulate on the skin. It is ideal to use a scrub with gentle and small microbeads instead of large scrubbing particles that can damage your skin.

  • Hydrate your skin:

After ridding your skin of the dead skin cells and dust build up, it is time to feed your skin with a body lotion or a moisturizer. Using one with natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, olive oil, shea butter, etc., can ensure your skin receives the nutrients it craves. Consider hydrating your skin as an extension of a healthy diet. Opt for a moisturizer rich in Omega 3’s fatty acids, vital antioxidants and important skin vitamins, such as Vitamin D, A, E and K. You can check the availability of these nutrients on the label of your moisturizer. A cleanser or body lotion with Vitamin C L-ascorbic acid having a 15 percent or higher concentration level is ideal for healthy skin. Moisturising your skin just after taking a bath is ideal, as the pores on your skin are open and can easily absorb the nutrient served to them through your body lotion.

  • Protect:

Hot summers or harsh winters, protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is necessary. Whether you will be out and about in the outdoors or staying indoors, applying a full spectrum sunscreen to exposed skin every day is important. UVA sunrays, commonly known as the aging rays, can break through cloudy weather and harm your skin. Certain sunrays are also known to affect the skin by cutting through your office, home, and car windows. A full spectrum sunscreen lotion offers protection from both UVB and UVA rays.

  • Masks:

Regularly treating your skin to a mask rich in protective antioxidants and nutrients essential for healthy skin, helps in reducing the effects of harsh weather. A mask can be chosen depending on your skin type and its requirements. It is ideal to opt for a mask made of clay, sulfur, and eucalyptus once a week.

  • Vitamin D:

During winters, a lack of exposure to healthy sunrays can lead to a Vitamin D deficiency. You can apply a serum rich in Vitamin D before applying your sunscreen lotion to give your skin its required dose of the sunshine vitamin.

  • Enhance your skin’s healthy glow:

Scars, cellulite, and veins can sometimes become a hindrance to the appearance of healthy skin. Skincare markets are brimming with a range of oils to choose from. Instead of using a concealer to hide your skin issues, it is always better to opt for an oil that can hide your flaws, as well as provide healthy nutrients to your skin.

Following a regular skin care routine along with necessary skin care supplements will not only help improve your skin’s healthy glow but will also create a protective armor for your body. Following the above skin care routine coupled with a diet rich in fruits and green leafy vegetables will ensure your skin looks pretty and will control the aging effects that skin goes through every passing day.

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