Mr.Yogesh Gaikwad journey from scrawny to brawny with GNC

Mr.Yogesh Gaikwad journey from scrawny to brawny with GNC - GNC India

Yogesh Pandurang Gaikwad from Ambernath – being a skinny boy into a fitness instructor, this journey wasn’t easy!

His dedication along with GNC supplements together made him achieve his dream. To find out how we asked him a few questions:

What was the turning point in your life?

My story is very filmy, post completion of my academics I started working in the film editing field. The profile I was working for was very interesting, but somehow I was never satisfied with it. Hence, after 2 years I decided to quit and wanted to follow that makes me happy.

Yogesh Gaikwad

So, you started your fitness journey post leaving your job?

Football was always my favorite sport. I began involving myself in the tournaments and kept myself self-engrossed for few months. But, yet I felt something was missing!

In the course of time, I met with an accident which caused a leg injury and kept me bedridden for 4 months. I was stressed and started thinking about my career as I did not want my injury to come in between my career. I was still unsure of what would be an ideal career for me. As soon as I started recovering I joined the gym in the year 2008 for making myself physically fit. With each passing day, I began to develop more interest in the fitness field.

How did you accomplish your dream?

I decided to make a career in the fitness field and the best part was everybody in my family n friends supported n encouraged me and it acted as a motivation for me.  I remember my Dad’s words “choose a good path, concentrate on your passion I am with you and I will always support you”.  After this there was no looking back I achieved certification in personal training and functional training then continued my Masters in Functional training.

I started getting job offers in the gym as a trainer and gained good experience with various gyms. Each new job taught me something new and my work got appreciated in terms of positive feedbacks and rewards. I was waiting for an opportunity to be a part of the reputed gym and it came in the form of SQUAT UP, I was overwhelmed and grabbed this offer without any second thought. Now, after 2 years of my Squat up journey, I am working on one of the reputed gyms as a Fitness Manager.

Training Routine That Helped You Achieve Your Goals:


Monday – Chest

Inclined dumbbell + burfees – 4sets

Yogesh Gaikwad

Decline dumbbell + incline pushups
Flat dumbbell + cable flys
Pec- dec + abs crunches
On treadmill incline walk for 20 min

Tuesday- Shoulder 

Overhead dumbbell press + punch on the boxing bag
Later raises + battle rope
Cable front raise + clean & jerk
Military press + 2 min plank
10 min rowing &  leg raise

Wednesday – legs 

Weighted squats + ketabell swing
One leg ext + box jump squats
Leg press + seated calf raise
Leg curl + standing calf raise
Stef leg deadlift + sumo squats

Thursday Bicep+ Triceps

Barbell curl + bubble hammer superset
Preacher curl + cable curl superset
Concentric curl + high pulley cable curl
Overhead dumbbell extension
Cable pull down + bench dips superset
Kick back + skull crushes superset
Barbell close grip press
Elliptical 20 min


Friday – Back

Deadlift + hypertension superset
Cable row + ketabell bent over row superset
One arm row + barbell shrugs
Lat pull down + chin-ups superset
Reverse shrugs + prone high rows

Saturday cardio + functional

Sunday – Rest

How was your diet before you took up the fitness journey?

Oh well, I was into film editing – We had a desk job. Diet plays an important role, never was my interest. I definitely did not make the right choices in food. I used to have 3 to 4 big meals a day. Not being from the same film industry, I had no idea what was good and what was bad for me. It was only after I started training that I began to focus on my diet and it is still one of the most important aspects of my training schedule.

Diet Plan That Guided Your Transformation:

Pre-workout: One Scoop of Beyond Raw Isopeptide

Intra workout: One scoop Beyond Raw Precision BCAA

Post-workout: 6 eggs, 2 bananas and 1 scoop Beyond Raw Isopeptide.

Mid-Afternoon: Apple + Triple Strength Fish oil with CoQ10

Lunch: Boiled Chicken/Fish, vegetable salad and green veggies + GNC Mega Men Sports

Mid-Evening: Peanuts & dry fruits

Dinner: Boiled Chicken/Boiled Fish, Steamed rice and green veggies.

Late Night: One scoop of Beyond Raw IsoCasein.

No smoking or drinking habits for better immunity, stamina, and focus during the workout.

Today Yogesh Gaikwad is not just someone who lived his dream and achieved the perfect body from outside and inside, but he is working as a trainer and helping others achieve their goal in the right way!!

Yogesh is following the above regime very strictly and in a disciplined manner.

The motto behind was to simply – Work hard and you will get results.


Don’t ever give up – the beginning is always the hardest, but the failure is unbearable!!

Just GO FOR IT!! Pain is temporary, pride is forever!

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