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Moringa Oleifera or Drumstick: An Incredible Plant for weight loss

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic sages in India used natural herbs for all kinds of health issues, including weight control. After years of researching effective natural Indian botanicals, Slimvance’s patented blend of Turmeric, Moringa and Curry leaves was developed.

Moringa Oleifera is commonly known as moringa or drumstick leaves (Indian name)! And abundantly used in Indian cooking!

Let’s understand its benefits:

 "Moringa Oleifera"

  • Aids weight loss and reduces visceral fat:

    Moringa contains vitamins B1, B2, and B3, essential vitamins needed for the conversion of fat into energy. Researchers believe that the main compounds responsible for the weight and fat loss effects of moringa are called moringa isothiocyanates (MICs). This active ingredient was found to improve thermogenesis and reduced gluconeogenesis. Daily supplementation of Moringa Oleifera can help to reduce your hard to lose belly fat.

  • Improves Blood Glucose Levels:

    Moringa leaves contains a type of chlorogenic acid, which is known to control blood glucose levels by allowing cells to take up or release glucose as needed. Hence, a very useful ingredient for a pre-diabetics.

  • Helps Boost Immunity:

    Moringa Oleifera, being high in antioxidants such as vitamin C, kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, zeatin, quercetin, rutin, chlorogenic acid, and beta-sitosterol, helps in controlling inflammation, protects the cells which in the end helps in controlling inflammation, protects the cells which in the end helps improve the immunity level of an individual


  • Protects your Heart:

    Moringa Leaf powder has been to shown to exhibit heart health benefits, which helps controls lipid, prevents plaque formation in arteries and thus help reduce bad cholesterol.

  • Offers anti-cancer properties:

    The free-radical scavenging activity of Moringa offers anti-tumor benefits. The antioxidant property of Moringa also enhances the sensitivity of tumor cells to chemotherapy. It works by halting the division of cancer cells and inducing cell death.

The GNC research center’s study helped confirm its benefits. And so, GNC took the active extract and created a capsule for effective results. Using cutting edge technology, this herb in Slimvance® is concentrated in a precise manner to retain powerful active constituents and blended into a proprietary formula.

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