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4 Workout Myths That Have No Place in 2021

4 Workout Myths That Have No Place in 2021 - GNC India

Yes, we all want to turn over a new leaf in the New Year. But while you dive into the fitness lifestyle, it’s important to break down and stay away from these 4 workout myths! You might not know it right now, but these myths are actually holding you back from achieving your fitness goals and targets, and slaying those metaphorical dragons.

Myth #1
Strength training will make you bulk up.
The Truth
This has been a widely hyped myth. But the reality is that strength training can actually help you with your weight loss goals and even move toward becoming leaner. And that’s because you can approach strength training in different ways. For instance, you would bulk up only if you keep increasing the size of the weights throughout your workouts. But strength training can also include lower weights, but more repetitions, which can allow you to have toned muscles, becoming leaner, and not bulk up at all.

Myth #2
You can focus on losing fat from certain body parts / Spot Training works.
The Truth
Spot training does not and cannot work because fat cells are distributed all over the body. It’s really simple – If you’re keen on losing fat from one body part, you have to lose overall body fat. Workouts that involve strength training and high-intensity interval training can definitely help you achieve your fat burning goals and move toward becoming lean overall.

Myth #3
Yoga isn’t a “real” workout.
The Truth
Some myths are born out of archaic thinking. And there’s no time for either that thinking or these silly workout myths in 2021. Yoga is all about increasing flexibility, strengthening your core, building better balance and more. A lot of asanas also help you improve your focus and also help with relaxing and keeping stress at bay. It’s a unique, all-encompassing workout for your mind, body and soul. Yoga is equal parts blissful and strenuous and intense.

Myth #4
You should give 100% effort during every workout.
The Truth
This myth couldn’t be further from the truth than it already is. This is a rampant misconception that is definitely holding you back. You cannot be maxing out during every gym session because it instantly affects and slows down the recovery of your muscles and adds unnecessary stress on your body. You can definitely give your 100% and go all out 2, 3 or even 4 times a week. But make sure you give yourself rest days in between your workout days. That way, the body gets enough time and space for muscle recovery and you can keep maintaining optimal stamina throughout the week. Make sure to watch your diet and nutrition even on the rest days and make sure you stay committed to the act of exercising on the regular. Always remember that balance is key.

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