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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Working Out During Summers

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Working Out During Summers - GNC India

As the summer heat approaches, the energy levels might drop a little due to change in weather, but the enthusiasm for a summer body and working out does not. In the ardour for a summer fit body, people tend to make some seemingly basic but grave mistakes that could eventually lead to long-term health risks. In order to cope with the rising humidity and temperatures, it’s important to have a checklist of the key mistakes that you need to completely avoid, while working out during the summer:

  • Ignoring Exhaustion And Pushing Too Hard

Everyone has their sights set on their goals and in order to get to them quicker, tends to push harder than usual, every day of the week. But the humidity and the heat can wear you out much faster during the summer. If you don’t pay attention to the exhaustion, it could lead to a complete burnout on just day 2 of the week. It could also lead to something worse like nausea, and dizziness or you could even faint. So instead of putting your body through unnecessary pain and halting your workouts mid-week, you must listen to your body and have enough intervals between your weekly workouts. We’d recommend starting and ending your week with some light cardio and then doing the more intense workouts on alternate days during the week.

  • Not Wearing The Right Clothing

At times, we tend to forget that wearing outfits made from fabrics like polyester are far from ideal for the summer time. You should try wearing loose-fitting outfits made from blends of cotton instead. The breathable fabrics are lighter and will help you beat the heat like a pro. The color of your outfits also makes a big difference when you run outdoors. Lighter and brighter colors are always the better go-to option. Clothes that keep you as cool are would be  ideal for your summer workouts.

  • Drinking Water Only When You’re Thirsty

Everybody knows about the importance of staying well hydrated. But it’s even more crucial during peak summer time. While working out or otherwise, you tend to drink water only when you’re thirsty. But due to the increasing temperatures, you need to alter your attitude towards drinking water. Your body is already using all of the water to regulate the temperature during the summer workouts. Moreover, when you’re low on fluids, exhaustion can easily set in. It can instantly impact your stamina and performance negatively. In order to avoid that, it’s best to keep sipping on water throughout the duration of your workout. It’s better to stay hydrated even before and after your workout. Your goal should be to drink at least 4-5 litres every single day, during the summer.

  • Being Hard On Yourself And Not Altering Your Fitness Goals

While consistency is the key when it comes to working out, self-awareness is equally important. The summer heat and humidity are bound to drain your stamina along with your enthusiasm – whether it is a home workout or an outdoor one on your terrace. Don’t be hard on yourself if you take longer than the usual 20 minutes to complete your high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. That is bound to happen and is natural. It’s a good idea to adjust your fitness goals according to the season and achieve them smartly and safely.

  • Drinking Coffee Before Exercising

Coffee is the most preferred pre-workout drink for many, but is also incredibly dehydrating due to its diuretic effect. So, during the season when you are likely to be more dehydrated than usual, it’s best to avoid drinking coffee altogether, especially before workouts. We’d recommend eating fresh fruits like bananas or apples instead, or even almonds! They contain fibers, which will help keep you satiated throughout your workout and also provide fluids. You can also look for a pre-workout beverage which doesn’t have caffeine and has electrolytes to keep your energy and hydration levels in pace.

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Avoid these key mistakes, and it will certainly hold you in good stead over the summer. Make sure that your stamina and performance are affected only minimally and you are able to move forward toward your goals more effectively.

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